Banggood Branding in 2020 with a New Logo

A whole new logo of Banggood has been created that signifies the success and improvement of the business. Now, in the new logo, they have reset the typeface and font size is now way shorter than its predecessor. The contrast of the new logo is shinier, and the characters with the colour Orange are now more visible. In the new logo, there is no smile graphic while the orange characters gg now have space between them. Except for the gg characters with the colour orange, the rest of the characters in the Banggood previous logo were black.

Now, the new logo contains the characters with blue colour, and this combination of blue alongside Orange is quite eye-catching. The orange colour is still here to depict that Banggood’s reliability and efficiency is always the same as it used to be. In contrast, the blue colour signifies its success and advancement. The new logo also depicts the new business strategy of the Banggood as told by the Director of Operation head of Banggood, Mr Aaron Chen. In their statement, they added that they had migrated Banggood from an e-commerce service to a lifestyle of their users.

They also added that Banggood in the last 13 years has clearly shown everybody its capability and business attributes. They said the company success could easily be defined by the fact that it has been added to the Top 50 Chinese Global Companies. The company has already changed their original slogan in the past August 2019, and now they have intended to alter their logo design. The previous slogan was Best Bucks for your Bang, and now it has been changed to Good Life doesn't Cost a Fortune.

Since August, they have implemented that slogan in their businessas they have migrated from self-positioning to making a better life of their users through premium goods and services.
In priority concern to this context, Banggood has included various changes in its Website through specific updates. The performance speed of the Website has also increased by Banggood to provide more convenience to its users. The interface of the Website as made more convenient for the users and now they can understand alongside shop with more ease.

The initiative of Banggood to show their customers as well as competitors that they have now shifted from self-positioning to providing more ease to their customers. The new logo and upgrades in the Website are an indication that in the forthcoming day's various new ventures through Banggood will have arrived in the market. Let relax and shop through whole new Banggood and see do they make it better or just trying to draw attention through Orange and blue colours.

Jay Cross an Operations Executive and part time blogger writing and handling business operations at Lenoxtons20

Source : Banggood Branding

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