In today’s society, wanting to appear ravishing and gorgeous, women resort to cosmetics. Some are just into wearing makeup regardless of the occasion. To achieve someone’s appearance attractively, makeup is a substance or material they use. Our world of cosmetics has evolved dated back a thousand years ago. The Ancient Egyptians used lead and copper to create the first cosmetics. As technology advanced, cosmetic industry advanced as well in creating broader cosmetic products. Even though makeups can cover skin hair care products blemishes, acne, and freckles, it is still not necessary for women to wear them because it damages the skin, no makeup shows a woman’s natural beauty, and makeups have carcinogens and toxins that are harmful to a woman’s health.

No makeup shows a woman’s natural beauty. That is a fact! Not only will it show her natural beauty, but along with it, also shows her simplicity, and a down to earth type of personality. It creates a tectonic impression to others when women possess confidence, even without the use of makeup. One doesn’t be compelled the need to wear makeup to feel beautiful and stunning.

Beauty product can be defined as cosmetics; materials and devices made and sold for the purpose of enhancing the physical attractiveness of users or in other words, as any product, especially a cream or lotion, intended to improve a person's appearance . We live in society where people nowadays are very obsessed with beauty and spending so much money on beauty products. Since we were children, the society taught us that beauty is happiness, wellness and everything. This creates a mindset that only attractive physical appearance is beauty, even though ‘beauty’ is a very subjective word where it can apply to many things.

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