Best Natural Mosquito Repellents for You Home

Monsoon - the season of romance, rain and repellents. And by repellents, we mean Mosquito repellents. Monsoon is not only the season of love for us, but it’s also the breeding season of mosquitos. No one wants these flying suckers around their loved ones. So we have put together a list of natural mosquito repellents that can help you to have a smooth day. It will cost you much less than the treatment of Dengue, malaria and other diseases caused by a tiny mosquito bite.

So here’s a list of best natural mosquito repellents and they are natural so they are safe for kids
1. Plant Herbs

Citronella is the most popular and effective way to keep these little buggers away but did you know that lemongrass, basil, eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, marigold, cedarwood and even garlic & onion deter the mosquitos. All you have to do is plant any of the above-listed herbs in your yard and cut down on the mosquitoes.
2. Essential Oils
Many people prefer chemical-based mosquito repellent body sprays which contain DEET, Yes they are effective too but according to many researches, it has proven that products containing DEET can cause health problems and can kill a large number of brain cells and when you have an alternative so why even try them. You can simply use natural essential oils from the herbs listed here. They are easily available at most natural health food or online. Simply put a few drops in a carrier oil like olive oil and rub the oil onto your skin.

4. Citronella Candles

You can find citronella candles at any home decor store. These candles have other herbs too, so they don’t only keep the mosquito at bay but they are also effective for other bugs. All you have to do is place the candles on tables or at any suitable corner of the house to help reduce infestation. The sweet fragrance is a bonus for you. Imagine a house, bugs free and smells good, what else do you need?

5. Make Your Own Indoor Repellent

If you have a plug-in, refillable mosquito killer, then you are all set. You just need an orange peel. Yes, an orange peel! Sounds weird but Orange Oil repels bugs naturally and there are many mosquito repellent sprays in the market which include it. So you don’t have to keep buying the toxic inserts to kill the mosquitoes. Make one at your home. Just cut an orange peel according to the size, so that it can fit in the mosquito plug-in device. Simply insert it into the device. And it’s done! No bugs near your house plus it smells great too.

6. Old Coffee Grounds

Most people are aware but coffee grounds can help keep mosquitos at bay. This is an eco-friendly alternative and a great way to reuse coffee grounds! Just put them in bowls and place them near where you usually sit.

Final Word

The above-listed solutions are not the only options. You can always search on google for all-natural, DEET free bug repellent many companies like Runbugz provide all-natural repellents, so you can always go for those options but one thing is sure now that you don’t have to worry about mosquito season.

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