Best online School Software in India

School management software is a one stop solution specially created to simplify the process of school administration that is completely paperless. The many modules combine to assist teachers and staff in keeping students' records up to date, while also aiding them in remembering past events. 


A school management system is effective in that it unites the various departments and functions, and this can be done from any place. There is no better method to manage a school than using a web-based school administration solution.

Why schools choose School Software


True growth occurs when administrative and management tasks at a school are automated. Because school administrators must manage online admission, fees, exams, and keep track of daily student and teacher activities, their overall productivity.  

Features of School Software


Multi user Access

The school ERP software in India allows multiple members to use the online school software based on their tasks, minimising overburdening. The school's administrative, parents and teachers can manage their activities through just a single login.


Easy User-Interface


The school software's user interface is simple to use and interactive, allowing schools to run operations efficiently without technical assistance.


Customizable Plugin


The modules are interconnected and configurable to the school's needs. The school's administrative leader has access to all operations being processed, tallied, or recorded.


Auto Backup and Security


Cloud-based school software stores data on the cloud rather than decentralised databases, making data retrieval simple. Data backup is automatic and the school does not need to purchase hardware.


Cross Cutting 


School ERP software can quickly generate comprehensive and customizable reports, receipts in PDF, Excel, and Word export format which can be generated in just a few fingertips.

Benefits of School Software


Improve productivity 


The school management system in the school helps the institute work more efficiently. Using school management software, increasing time to maintain track records and improve accuracy in organising data, and boost productivity. 


Parent-teacher communication 


Using cloud-based school software facilitates teacher-parents communication. With the enhanced parent teacher communication, parents can easily keep track of their child’s activity. And the teacher is accessible to answer questions from parents via the school application about their child. It also promotes a trustworthy relationship between school and parents.



Paperless school process


When using the school ERP system, administrative chores can be done without having large paper document files from the stationary positions. It results in the preservation of natural resources and the implementation of a digital record of data. As well, it leaves a minimum of mess for records to be kept.


Access from any location


Accessing the software is simpler and easier. Anyone with an internet connection can use it from anywhere and at any time. The online school management system makes it possible to keep a record of everything. In addition, it helps provide information to all the stakeholders in real time. 


Better learning experience


Using software for school management, teachers can spend more time helping kids rather than worrying about tracking their progress, because of the school management system's analytics dashboard and reports creation.


Reduce the burden of teachers


There is a lot of software for school available in the market. With the school software the workload of teachers is decreased. To manage the school tasks, they start working on the ERP and efficiently handle the student data and distribute the required data to the children and their parents through the system. Teachers don't have to do as much work as before, thus that saves time.


Key modules of School Software



Admission Management

Efficiently handle all of the essential information related to students, emergency contact information, immigration details, academic history, fee information, and other relevant documentation while managing admission processes at the same time.


Attendance Management


A time-consuming process is required when manually taking attendance. School management software enables a school to quickly and accurately collect attendance data, as well as to provide that information to parents with minimal trouble.


Exam Management


Conducting examinations is a very lengthy and time-consuming process. Online examination software streamline all the exam-related operations, reduce the use of question papers and answer scripts, you have it all covered when it comes to standardised tests.


Fee Management 


It becomes an issue for educational institutions when people have to manually collect payments. The online school software has an automated fee collection process for driving efficiency and lowering costs.


Timetable Management


The only solution to the poor scheduling problem is a timetable management system in educational systems. It is now easier to assist all types of schools and colleges with perfect timetable development and management thanks to the best school software in India. 



Library Management 


In the face of this pandemic, schools around the world have been shuttered as a precaution for kids, teachers, and staff. If you want to manage your library's overall functionality, the online library keeps track of the books that are issued and returned to it. Barcodes are additionally used at libraries where they are used to identify books, magazines, CDs, and DVDs.


Student Management 


Keeping track of every student in the school is a daunting endeavour for administrators. It is a hassle-free system that gives you the power to oversee student-related functions without any headaches. It streamlines and expedites all the procedures involved in admissions, financial records, and academic records, management of PTMs, keeping track of lab, library, and computer labs.


Human Resource 


A fundamental aspect of institutions of higher education is the need for human resources. Easy to use school management software gives you the ability to plan your employee activities by just clicking. By automating and streamlining all your time-consuming and repetitive tasks, it can help you be more productive. It manages everything related to compensation, from employee salary administration to job evaluations.

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