Best Option For Tooth Replacement – South Carolina Dental Implants

Several options you can come across when it is all about missing, damaged, or decayed teeth replacement in South Carolina. However, options are compared to affordable dental implants in South Carolina stand out from the rest. Dental implants offer such benefits that other ways of tooth replacement cannot. So, if you are undergoing tooth loss or damaged tooth and looking for a permanent way to get back a natural-looking tooth in place of the lost or damaged tooth, dental implants certainly are your help.

Best Dental Implants Option

Dental implants are a periodontal cosmetic procedure and your periodontist will examine the condition of oral health and hygiene before undergoing the process. Your periodontist and maxillofacial surgeon will figure out the best position for a dental implant after CT scans and mouth x-rays. This also helps them to find the best dental implants for you. Some of the dental implants include a treatment strategy based on the patient’s oral condition. Treatments that generally be included in the strategy are

• Ridge modification
• Sinus Augmentation
• Overall Teeth Replacement
• Singular Tooth Replacement
• Multiple Teeth Replacement

It is your periodontist who will choose the best aid like a dental implant-supported full bridge, partial bridge, or singular crown to undergo the safe and successful dental implant.

Right Candidate for Dental Implants

If you are a good candidate for dental implants then it is not hard to undertake safe and affordable dental implants in South Carolina.

• You need to have healthy gum
• You should be old enough to undertake the process
• Your bone should have enough strength to support the anchor for dental implants.

Even, a candidate who has lost jaw bone can undergo dental implants with bone grafting. Bone grafting not only makes dental implants easy but also increases the strength of gum.

Summing Up,

If you are a patient of diabetes, cancer, or severe gum disease, your periodontist will run a thorough assessment before undergoing South Carolina dental implants.

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