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Delhi and Agra are two most prominent cities in the history of India. They are known worldwide for their historical monuments and architecture which makes both the cities the must visit for every foreign visitor in India. Since Delhi is the capital city in India most of the tourists first stop is in Delhi and after having a journey to Delhi’s beautiful places. Now It’s a turn for the visit of not so far tourist city known internationally for the beauty of none Other than the famously built Taj mahal.
The distance of Agra is less than 250 kms away from the Delhi. And there are options available for the tourists to take a train, Bus or they can now rent a Cab/taxi. While travelling with train or bus can be time consuming, uncomfortable and you don’t have freedom to roam. Taking a cab/taxi on rent can help in getting you a comfortable, time effective and you can have a freedom in your travel and have full control on where you want to take a pause and where to slow it down a little bit and where to speed up.
Once you reach the Agra if You have a rented car/cab than you don’t have to worry about changing and rearranging your commute you can roam with your rented vehicle wherever you want that’s the liberty of renting a Car/taxi.

If you want a driver than you can also be provided with a driver for some extra charge.

The places where you can visit or are worth visiting in Agra:

It is a place holding so many historical events and happenings. Used to be a Capital city of the Ancient Rajput rulers and remained their capital for hundreds of years and may be for the longest time than the muslim Rulers and invaders came and the Agra saw shift in political powers.

Sultan sikandar lodi in the year 1504 founded this city and it was than passed on to his son, Sultan Ibrahim lodi.

Mughals made this City the Capital of their kingdom and has been capital in the rule of Akbar, Jahangir and shahjahan. Akbar made it the eponymous seat of one of his original twelve subahs (imperial top-level provinces), bordering (Old) Delhi, Awadh (Oudh), Allahabad, Malwa and Ajmer subahs. Shāh Jahān later shifted his capital to Shāhjahānabād which is the part of the Delhi in the year 1649.

Agra is a place having a number of beautifully crafted historical monuments, Taj mahal, Agra fort, fatehpur sikri are among most loved. Not just nationally, this place is renowned worldwide for its majestic historical buildings.

You can check the list of the places you should explore once you visit Agra:
• Taj Mahal :

Taj mahal needs no introduction and was built by the mughal emperor Shah jahan in the rememberance of his queen Begum Mumtaj mahal. The construction of the Taj mahal started in 1632 and completed in 1648 A.D. Ustad Ahmad lahauri was the main Architect of the Taj mahal.

The Taj mahal is considered to be the greatest architectural achievement in the indo- islamic architecture.

•Agra Fort :

Agra fort was the main residence of the mughal rulers and its dynasty till 1638 . It is actually a walled city and last indian ruler known to be ruling over this fort were marathas. Fort was given its proper shape by the mughal ruler Akbar . It was the mughals who captured the Agra city from the Lodi rulers and than ruled over this city.

•Fatehpur Sikri:

This city was built by the famous mughal ruler Akbar and has so many magnificient architectures. These construction tells about the rich construction skills & artwork of those days. City could not grow much further because of its scarce water resources.

•Wildlife SOS :

Wildlife SOS in Agra is a wild bear rescue facility. It is one of its kind in northern India and houses over 130 sloth bears as well as many other species in large forested enclosures.

•Panch Mahal :

Panch mahal is a beautifully and nicely crafted palace like structure which has 176 columns and the palace is standing upon them. The whole palace is supported on these columns there are no walls. It is said that there used to be curtains between the rooms and Royal ladies used to enjoy the views of the magnificient fort structures from the upside.

•Sikandara :
Sikandra contains the great Mughal ruler Akbar’s tomb and this glorious monument is a blend of all types of architectures whether it is Buddhist , hindu , islamic, christian and Jain architecture. It was started to build in the year 1600 and completed by his son Jahangir.

•Aram Bagh :
The aram bagh is a mughal garden and was built by the Mughal ruler Akbar in the year 1528. The mughal ruler when died was first buried here.

•Khas Mahal : Khas mahal was the private residence under the Red fort of Delhi. It is built for his daughters Roshanara and Jahanara

• Jama Masjid : Jama masjid is also widely known as Jami masjid. It was dedicated to the beloved daughter of Shahjahan and Mumtaj mahal the princess Jahanara begum.

• Itmad-Ud-Daula : The tomb was commisioned by the Queen of the Mughal ruler Jahangir. It was built for her father Mirza ghiyas beg a persian amir in exile was also the grand father of Mumtaj Mahal.

•Musamman Burj: Musamman burj , It was built for the famous Queen of mughals the Mumtaj mahal. It is also said that first it was a building built by king Shahjahan than jahangir demolished and made it a new buillding Later on Shahjahan built a marvellous building after demolishing the Old one.

It offers magnificient views of the taj mahal and crafted with delicate marble lattices with ornamental niches so that the ladies of the court could gaze out unseen.

•Mehtab Bagh: Mehtab bagh was made by the earliest Mughal ruler Babur and went into disrepair than after shahjahan rennovated this Garden and It gives a perfect from the other side of the River.

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