Bitcoin is one of the most favored investments in today’s market. The bullish run we’ve been seeing for bitcoin is partly caused due to the high influx of institutionalized investors brought in by the Tesla buy. The advantage of having more than retail-bitcoin buys is that institutional buys bring more stability to the coin. Buy profitable bitcoin mining machines online in Europe.

As the projections show that bitcoin may reach new heights by the end of 2021, along with a few other coins like Cardano Ada, Ethereum, and Uniswap, even the new crypto investors started getting into mining.

It is hard to find good mining equipment for a reasonable price with all the scalpers around in the market. In this article, we’ll show you some of the best bitcoin miners that are on sale right now.
Why Mine the bitcoin?
Bitcoin mining has proved to be economical if the correct equipment is used. Gone are the days where you can mine bitcoin and obtain reasonable profits from your average computer. Since the Tesla buy, the projection charts of bitcoin changed like crazy and are looking pretty bullish.

It is best to start mining bitcoin as soon as possible before more investors start getting into mining.
What to Look for in a Good Mining Rig?
A traditional computer mining system should have a powerful GPU. Contrary to popular belief, CPU mining is not very economical and often results in losses if you consider both electricity and internet charges.

Hashrate is one of the primary factors you have to consider when purchasing a bitcoin miner. The better is the hash rate, the more effective it will mine bitcoin. Few other factors like price, space available, and power consumption also come into play here.

Some mining rigs need a lot of upfront investment but consume low power compared to the cheaper ones. However, they save money in the long run, and if you are planning on mining for a long time, they are the best choice for you.

Bitcoin Miners on Sale
The CryptoExpertIconMiners website has a lot of mining rigs for sale. Let us now take a look at some of the best miners on sale on the website.
1. Avalon 4.1 BTC Mining Equipment 4.2 TH/s
Avalon is a popular brand in the mining space. Avalon 4.1 is a fairly economical machine and is usually suitable for any beginner and intermediate miners. The mining rig has a hash rate of 4.2 TH/s. This ASIC bitcoin miner consumes around 2970 watts of power. The mining rig costs 1550 dollars. If operated properly, you can easily make that investment back in a month.

You can mine bitcoin only using the Avalon 4.1 mining rig. It uses the SHA256 algorithm and is pretty simple to use and understand.
2. AntMiner S9i 14.5TH/s
This brand needs no introduction in the mining space. Antminer S9i is one of the best bitcoin miners from the brand. It has a hash rate of 14.5TH/s and is pretty economical in both the short term and the long term. This rig costs just about 1350 dollars and is worth every penny.
3. R1 AntRouter
R1 Antrouter is not as powerful as the models we’ve discussed but is pretty economical. It is best for beginners and hobby miners who are not looking for too much action. This miner costs just around 50 dollars and is pretty simple to operate.
Bitcoin is in its final stages of mining. It is best to start mining bitcoin as soon as possible to gain maximum profits.

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