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Generic name: acetaminophen
Brand name: Percocet

Percocet is a prescribed drug usually used to treat the symptoms of acute pain and moderate-to-severe pain; therefore, Percocet may be used alone or with other medications. Percocet refers to a class of drugs called Analgesics, and this sedative is sometimes called a narcotic. Percocet is a less potent pain reliever that increases the effects of oxycodone.

Buy Percocet online, which is used to relieve moderate to severe pain. Due to the possibility of addiction, abuse, and misuse, even at recommended doses, Percocet is only prescribed when treatment with non-opioid pain-relieving medication has not been tolerated or has not provided adequate pain relief.

Uses of Percocet

Buy Percocet online, which contains a sedative pain relaxer that is oxycodone and a non-opioid pain reliever that is acetaminophen. This combination drug is used to help relieve moderate to severe pain. Oxycodone works in the nervous system to change how your body feels and responds to pain.

Side effects of Percocet

Percocet can cause serious side effects. This medication can increase a person's risk for choking. It can also create some significant breathing problems, which may cause them to stop breathing altogether, leading a person to fall into a coma or die due to an overdose.

consult your doctor if you experience severe side effects of Percocet, including:

Respiratory depression
Apnea (periodic stoppage of breathing)
Respiratory arrest
Unusual bruising or bleeding,
Unique thoughts or behavior
Problems with urination

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