Gabapentin is an anti-epileptic drug and also known as anticonvulsant. It gives relief from nerve pain inside the body. However, This medicine gives relief from many types of pain such as diabetes, herpes zoster (shingles), spinal cord injury, and other conditions.

This drug also works in nerve damage when you suffer from neuropathic pain (nerve pain). Most doctors prescribe this medicine for postherpetic neuralgia and epilepsy.

Whenever you go to buy gabapentin medicine, always remember to buy from reliable brands only such as Horizant®, Gralise® and Neurontin®. Many times people buy Gabapentin from local brands in the pursuit of cheap, but they don't work like other brands.
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Consult Your Doctor
While taking the Gabapentin, what happens many times people thinking about suicide and children’s mood and behaivior changes suddenly, If the same thing happens to you then you must tell your doctor about it.

We have given below some medical conditions and diseases, so that you do not face any problem while taking this drug, in case of which you must tell your doctor.

Liver disease.
Kidney related disease.
Facing problems while Breathing.
If you’re pregnant.
If you have diabetes.
If you are in Depression.
Mood changing problem (mood disorder).

Apart from this, if you are facing some problem while taking the medicine, such as sleeplessness, headache and allergies, then you must tell your doctor about it.

Gabapentin drug is available as generic and brand name. The brand name of this drug is Neurontin. We take this drug Orally means it is available in the form of Tablet/Capsule. It comes with 100mg, 300mg and 400mg tablets.

Below we have given the dosages of some diseases, you can take gabapentin by reading them or after consulting your doctor.
Dosage for Partial Seizures
Adult Dosage

Per Day - 900 mg (300mg, three times per day, morning, afternoon and evening)

Children Dosage (12-17 years)

Per Day - 900 mg (300mg, three times per day, morning, afternoon and evening)
Maintenance Dosage - 900-1800 mg (per day, divided into three times daily)

*For children below 12 years old please consult a doctor.
Dosage for Postherpetic Neuralgia (shingles)
Adult Dosage

Day 1 - 300 mg (1500mg, two times per day, morning and evening)
Day 2 - 600 mg (300mg, two times per day, morning and evening)
Day 3 - Consult your doctor to increase the dosage.

* For Dosage of below 18 please consult a doctor.

Side Effects
Gabapentin oral capsules also have side effects which we need to know. It also has many common side effects, so there are many such side effects which are very serious, if they happen, you must go to the doctor.

That's why we have given below some such side effects that you must know.

Trouble to breathing
Jerky movements
Mood suddenly change
Suicidal thoughts

Apart from this, It has many other side effects but we have told you some important side effects that you need to know.

If you also have nerve pain or seizures (epilepsy), then you should take this medicine on the advice of your doctor. If you want to buy Gabapentin, then you can buy it by visiting our online store, our website domain name is You can visit that website to buy this drug at an affordable price.

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