Buying the Right Silver Necklace or Chain

The type, design and length of the necklace is a major factor in determining if it will look good on you. Take the advice by this piece to help prepare your next time you shop for a necklace made of silver. - wholesale chakra jewelry

There are a variety of silver chains that are produced in the business. Their names are not standard, and consequently chains with a particular kind of link can be identified by different names. The most commonly used kinds are anchor chain, cable chain, ball chain the snake chain omega chain , and rope chain. The names of these chains are derived from their unique appearance or the shape of the links. Also, it is important to note that silver comes in many types, with and sterling silver is the most expensive quality jewelry. Chains with sterling silver will bear the mark by the letter 925, which indicates their proportion of silver. Silver-plated necklaces won't be identified, but will offer the same style at a price that is affordable. A silver-plated chain that sparkles will look great with any outfit, and those with less weight are great for pendants as they allow the entire focus to be at it.

Silver necklaces come in various styles, with some of them featuring embedded stones or other designs. Turquoise and black agate as well as lapis lazuli are all great ways to enhance the appeal of a silver necklace. The choker is a unique kind of necklace that consists of one or more bands that fit tightly around the neck. While some chokers are stiff some are made from flexible silver strands or have a tiny necklace. There are way too many designs to list and the possibilities of styles you can make are endless. When wearing necklaces, make sure to match them with other accessories . ensure that you choose a design which emphasizes the shape that define the neckline.

Necklaces and chain in the industry of silver are available in standard lengths that are suitable for females and males, in two" increments. The chains will usually fall at a specific place on the chest depending on the gender of the user. The standard necklace sizes for women start at 16" (choker length) and can reach 24" to drop lower than the neckline. The typical male necklace sizes start around the size of 18" and reach up to 24" to extend over the sternum. You should take a measurement of your neck to determine the right length of chain for you. Put a tape measure around your neck to the collarbone. Take note of the number. For males, this measurement is the same as their collar size. It is important to remember that when choosing the silver chain or necklace you should pick at least the size 2 up.

Of course, buying the same length necklace is boring. Pick the length that you feel is suitable based on style and the look you wish to create, depending upon the event and the season. A long necklace is a great match with a turtleneck shirt during winter or a choker in summer, and will look great with a neckline dress or shirt. Be aware that the longer the necklace, the more costly it will be, therefore you may want to consider alternatives such as a silver-plated plate for those on a tight budget. - sterling silver mandala earrings

The right silver necklace with the right outfit will definitely improve the appearance of every woman. When purchasing a necklace made of silver or chain, think about the size of your neck the length and the thickness of the links on the chain and the kind of attire and events you're planning for the necklace and be at your best.

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