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Care and prevention of gastroesophageal reflux disease in the elderly

GERD care will focus on eating joker as the main Because food is the main cause of acid reflux.

1. Do not sit back or lie down immediately after eating. should be spaced at least 3 hours

2. Eat on time Focus on foods that are easy to digest, not sticky or hard.

3. Eat less for dinner. And should not eat before going to bed.

4. Should eat small but frequent meals at a time, or may be divided into smaller meals.

5. Avoid activities that require bending over, bending over after eating.

6. Avoid foods that exacerbate symptoms such as spicy foods, sour fruit juices, tea, coffee, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, etc.

7. Lose weight, exercise the body. reduce belly fat

8. Control the intake of certain medications such as antihypertensive drugs, bronchodilators, etc.

9. Reduce stress because stress will stimulate the acid in the stomach more than usual.

10. Sleep with high pillows to prevent acid reflux

11. Avoid wearing clothes. or a tight belt

12. Take medications that have antacid properties.

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