Professional Education Requirements for Website Certification

Entering the web design field requires certain requirements for education, which lead to certification as an Internet web master, pointing to a good basis for employers.

Becoming a web designer is a dream engaged in many people today who think about changing a career. This is especially true for those who have some basic knowledge of computers or taught them HTML. A good thing is to choose a career as a web designer in the fact that there is a small or absence of preliminary knowledge in computer programming for entering the field.

To enter the field of web design, someone needs to be able to understand the technical information, have good letters skills and have some artistic abilities. The remaining skills can be found by taking classes through vocational education programs or enrollment in the online program of distance education. It is important to remember that any completion of the course should lead to certification as a web designer and a college degree not required.

Requirements for Professional Education Web Designer

There are three basic focus directions for those who are included in the web designer program; This design, graphics and layout. Any educational program should have these three areas as the basis of the program. In addition to this foundation, the program must include the following:

  • Programming - training and application of popular computer languages, such as PHP, ASP and JSP.
  • Network - learning how to design and repair networks.
  • Web design - Using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and others for web page design.
  • Web layout - the art side of the web design, focusing on the development of visually pleasant websites.
  • Writing of web content - using writing skills to record descriptions and information that appears on web pages.
  • Graphics - the development of the schedule and the modification of existing graphic structures.
  • Portfolio - the requirement to build a web design portfolio completed for school and any independent work outside the school.
  • Certification - It is necessary to earn a certificate as a certified Internet webmaster (CIW) recognized by the International Web Master Association (IAW).

Certification is based on the passage of the exam, which covers the Internet, the authorship page and network bases. This certification of beginners, which indicates a person, has skills for beginner skills for work.

Web Designer Work Responsibilities

Before entering the "Sayn Designer" field, start with the task of current web designers and developers, which is the work. If someone is unavailable, then read the requirements for employment work and the Local Newspaper Employment section.

All this will provide a good idea of what is expected. Here is a breakdown of wide requirements for work:

Approximately 40 percent of time is spent the development and writing of web projects.

Another 20 percent of the time is completed by routine maintenance on equipment.
The remaining 40 percent will work out construction sites and web pages from scratch.

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Web Designer Career Income

People earn certification as a web designer, usually begin to earn more money annually than other fields of professional career. Here is the current average annual income on the basis of experience experience in accordance with

  • Less than 1 year - 35,000 dollars
  • From 1 to 4 years - $ 39,000
  • From 5 to 9 years - 48,000 dollars
  • From 10 to 19 years old - 50,000 dollars
  • 20 years plus - 53,000 dollars and to

The highest average annual income is obtained by working on hospitals and government. The lowest annual income is earned by those who are self-employed.

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For those who take into account the change in this career, it is important to focus on the skills of sending jobs. Specific information about this can be obtained by visiting a changing career and transmitted skills. Many adults who want to change their careers are worried about returning to school, visiting 10 adult councils who are returning to school provides excellent resources and things that should be considered successful.


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