Characteristics of Agile Software Development

What is Agile Software Development?

Agile development is a software process that relies on the iterative and incremental development of software.
The agile methodology was created in response to the traditional, sequential waterfall model that often led to projects being over budget and over time.
Agile development helps teams to be more responsive to change, while also decreasing risks by breaking down large projects into smaller chunks or iterations. Agile development encourages teams to focus on the "result" of a project, not just getting it completed. This helps teams be more creative and avoid being trapped by the process. Agile development encourages frequent evaluation of progress, both for small projects and for individual work.

Characteristics of the Agile Development

Agile Development is a software development methodology that stresses the importance of working as close to the customer requirements as possible. It focuses on iterative and incremental development, and it encourages rapid and flexible responses to change.
The Agile Development process is based on four principles:
- The customer is always right.
- Working software over comprehensive documentation.
- Responding to change over following a plan.
- Face-to-face conversation over written documents or electronic communication (e.g., email).

The Benefits of Agile Software Development to You and Your Business

Agile software development is a methodology that helps software teams to develop products more efficiently. It is also known as adaptive software development or iterative development.
Agile software development is not just about the technical aspects of the product, but it also focuses on the people and processes involved in developing it. There are many benefits of agile software development which include:
- Increased visibility into projects through shorter feedback loops,
- Better quality of work due to short iterations and frequent testing,
- Reduced stress for team members because they are constantly working on something new, - Improved customer satisfaction by delivering what they want faster and with fewer bugs.
- Improved team morale and increased productivity Risks.


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