Light it up and inhale, take a sip, then spit out, feeling the smoke is thinner Marlboro Lights. After inhaling, the aroma of coffee lingers in the mouth immediately. The contact between the smoke and the mouth is relatively soft, non-irritating, and it is also smooth when exhaled from the nasal cavity. Take a deep breath, the smoke enters your throat, you feel a little irritation, the satisfaction of entering the lungs is not strong, the smoke is mellow, you can still feel silky smooth between inhalation and breathing, the aroma is elegant and sweet Cigarettes For Sale, and the smell is more consistent. Continue to take a few deep breaths, and you will feel that the smoke is full and free of impurities, and the suction resistance is slightly larger; fortunately, the smoke is still full, smooth, free of impurities, and the aftertaste is clean, but the sense of satisfaction is not so strong. The faint coffee scent has not faded, and it only slightly diminishes in the later period, but there are signs to follow. The flue gas clustering is also good, but the impact is not strong enough, which leads to a lack of satisfaction. Ignite one, take a light breath, the smoke is very smooth and gentle, there is no obvious resistance, but the smoke is slightly hot; exhale the smoke, taste a light tobacco taste in the mouth, without excessive odor. Continue to inhale, the smoke is very warm through the nasal cavity, and the impact on the lungs is like a trickle, not dry or rushing, soft and elegant, and a sense of satisfaction; spit out the smoke Newport Cigarettes, savor the taste on the lips and tongue, the only tobacco fragrance, Without too much fragrance, compared with the initial taste, the aftertaste is slightly different. In the middle of smoking, the mellowness of the smoke is slightly reduced, not as strong as before, and the stimulation to the lungs is still slow and gentle. The overall taste is also the original fragrance of tobacco, reflecting the unique elegant taste of Yellow Crane Tower. Draw to the end and take a deep breath. The smoke passes through the throat and enters the lungs. There is no discomfort in the throat, and it feels good. The impact of the smoke on the lungs is still soft, slow, and the aftertaste is clean and does not appear mixed.
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