China International Sewing Equipment Exhibition on to get to know

With the development of market conditions, domestic sewing machine industry has entered a quality and brand oriented phase, as the premise deep into line with international standards, to the more extensive and far reaching direction. So, in such a context, this generation of business elite in real conditions, how to use their own wisdom and hands to create a sewing power?
Urgent business of survival, development of consciousness, in varying degrees, many pioneers embarked on the "basis of domestic to international" innovation and development of new ways. Zhejiang Lake's Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. on the "rich and stable product quality and personalized service and successfully develop the international market" mode of analysis, trying to provide a reference for the industry.Three major advantages of open international marketsSewing impact power wrench Suppliers equipment industry in China, Lake is a rapidly emerging new businesses. Established since 2002, the size of the enterprise sales up to 40% annual growth, after nearly 5 years of hard work, "Lake" (LAIKE) has become the domestic and foreign markets have a certain well known sewing machine brand.On Lake successful experience in the international market, the company's general manager Ruan Mingming summarizes the advantages of business in three areas: first, the stability of product quality. Since its inception in 2002, Lake has always been based on the product quality as the foundation of the market and constantly establish and improve product quality control system. Lake core components of the product material of the high requirements to ensure the stability of the product performance to be widely recognized by the market and customers. Second, the machine features Lake product development ability. For example, in high speed bag sewing machine, the Lake on the development of a line from two to six lines of a complete series of products and special sewing machine special materials, to fully meet user needs. (China Textile Network first 24 hours to provide you with quality and efficient information services for) the service again is an advanced concept and personalized approach to service.In the absence of a complete spare parts suppliers in the countries and regions, Lake to provide a dedicated end users the key technical support and special parts support, which effectively promoted the sale of products, these advantages make Laike in a foothold on the international market and continue to make breakthroughs, market share continues to expand. Currently, Lake in the international market sales accounted for 40% of the company, Lake products have been sold in Turkey, Egypt, India, Russia, the United States, Poland and other countries.In the strict product quality, boldly market, Lake continued to strengthen brand building. Last year in July, Lake company, "Lake (LAIKE)" International registration of trademarks, would not only protect corporate interests, but also greatly promote the overseas distributors constantly bigger initiative. Late last year, "Lake" (LAIKE) trademark was rated "Taizhou famous trademarks."
The beginning of the venture based on the "manufacturing enterprises" Lake, always attached importance to investment in equipment. Last year, Lake acquired, including machining centers and CNC milling machine, including a number of advanced equipment, which greatly increased the company in place of functional product development capabilities and capacity of key parts of its own. Today, Lake of the product from the initial phase development of a single stretch sewing machine to the bag sewing machine, sewing machine, Knot Machine and Special Purpose Machines and electrical integration products.Nurture professional exhibition opportunitiesThis year in March, the company participated in Lake International Convention and Exhibition Centre in Karachi, Pakistan organized by the Asian textile and garment machinery exhibition. Exhibition on the mainland of China as the only two manufacturers of sewing machines, Lake companies and their products are widespread attention and appreciation. Marketable quality products to Lake Company to become the most popular show in China One of the exhibitors. Lake This is its sole agent in Pakistan, where the most famous hand in hand sewing machine companies participating dealers MRS. Lake in the exhibition showcasing its leading product LK600 7 Stretch Sewing Machine, LK800 Super High Speed Overlock Sewing Machine Series, LK1903 high speed electronic units knot, clinch series and LK72008 dual direct drive micro computer sewing machine oil series, as well as Lace machine, broken machines and other special fabric special equipment, and achieved good results exhibitors.Lake products entering the market in Pakistan nearly four years, according to Ruan Mingming introduced Lake with MFS is in the 2003 China International Sewing Equipment Exhibition on to get to know. In the second show, MRS Lake, president of the company and its products to be attracted to come to discuss the initiative and asked to Taizhou factory tours.
Lake "Manufacturing Quality is the last word," the core concept of professionalism and good development prospects of authorized by the MRS, exhibition hall, visited the plant back after the two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the spot, MRS became the Lake in Pakistan exclusive agent, cooperation for 3 years. Last year, Lake products sold in Pakistan, nearly 100 million dollars. 4 years, bilateral cooperation a pleasant, business grew and grew.

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