North America
In the fourth quarter of 2022, the North American market witnessed seesaw sentiments for Chloroquine Phosphate Prices due to fluctuating demand from downstream pharmaceutical industries. The prices of Chloroquine Phosphate in the US market surged in October and were assessed at USD 30800/MT but began to scale down from November. Supply chain disruptions from a major exporting country, mainly China, were noted due to the Golden week vacation in the first week of October and later Covid restrictions. However, demand from downstream pharmaceutical industries has been strong owing to limited inventories, encouraging the trader's sentiment in the domestic market. However, improvement in import frequencies from China led to adequate stock in the market. Also, The cost of shipping goods from Asia to the US went down as fears over port congestion diminished considerably. Moreover, a decrement was seen in the market dynamics due to weak demand and a dull purchasing sentiment ahead of the Christmas Holiday. Thus, the situation put pressure on the suppliers to clear out their stocks at a discounted price of around USD 28770/MT in December.

Asia- Pacific
In the Asia Pacific region, the prices of Chloroquine Phosphate witnessed a seesaw behavior during the last quarter of 2022, backed by the hovered downstream demand from various end-user pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. With entering the quarter, the Chloroquine Phosphate market opened on a good note, with prices rising considerably to USD 26000/MT until November amidst positive domestic trade entities. By the last month of 2022, the Chloroquine Phosphate prices suddenly decreased as demand was lower than expected, backed by pessimistic market sentiments. To secure shipment, producers cut the price marginally, resulting in a modest decline in the overall cost of Chloroquine Phosphate. Thus, the FOB Shanghai prices for Chloroquine Phosphate in China were assessed at USD 25100/MT in December 2022.

With the start of the fourth quarter of 2022, prices for Chloroquine Phosphate in Europe remained high because of low stock levels and surging demand from end-user industries like the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Limited imports to Germany were observed due to the Golden Week holiday and China's lockdown regulations. A supply chain disruption and a rise in freight costs were also brought on by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. However, prices started to decline from early November to late December because of the poor offtakes and the weak downstream demand. The suppliers also had enough inventory on hand to meet the whole domestic demand. As a result, the price of Chloroquine Phosphate CFR Hamburg dropped from USD 29700/MT in October to USD 27900/MT in December 2022.

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