When purchasing a dressing table mirror, it's important to consider more than the brightness. The type of illumination is just as important. Poor illumination can have a negative effect on your vision, making your mirror less useful. A decent model should have plenty of lumens and a dimming function. The main concern, however, is the type of illumination.

Size of dressing table mirror

The size of a dressing table mirror is an important consideration when you are planning to place it in your room. Mirrors should not be too large or too small, but they should be at least seventy five percent bigger than the dresser. It is also recommended that you place the mirror in the east or north direction.

It is also advisable to choose a mirror that matches the style of the room. Some people prefer oval-shaped dressing table mirrors, which are very trendy right now. However, you should avoid those mirrors without frames because they can break easily with even a light impact. In addition, you should choose a mirror that has a thick outer frame.

When choosing a dressing table mirror, you should also consider its lighting. Some models come with lights on the frame, which can help you apply makeup more accurately. You can also choose a mirror with LED lighting. It is better than fluorescent lighting, which tends to distort colors. Halogen and LED lights are better for your dressing table mirror, because they reflect your skin in the most natural way.

Shape of dressing table mirror

One of the most important factors in dressing table mirror design is its shape. You can go for a simple round one or opt for a unique oval style. The shape of the mirror should complement your style and décor. For an elegant look, you can go for mirrors with wood frames or ones with fancy ceramic frames.

You can also choose a wall-mounted version if you want to conserve space. Wall-mounted mirrors come with open shelves or closed shelves. However, they need to be clean on a regular basis and can easily get scratched if you're not careful with cleaning. It may also not reflect the shape of your bed.

You can also buy a complete set, which includes the mirror and cabinets, if you're looking for an affordable option. This way, you can place it in a corner of your bedroom and save money on additional pieces. You may also choose to purchase matching chairs to go with your new set.
Location of dressing table mirror

When putting up your dressing table, the location of the mirror is of great importance. It should face east, and should not be positioned in a south-west or south-north direction. You also should not place the mirror in a location that is visible from the entrance or false ceiling. Besides, you should cover it when not in use.

You can choose a dressing table mirror that has lights. LED or halogen lights are best. These light sources are not only energy-efficient, but they give off a natural light. They can be mounted directly on the mirror frame, or they can be placed in a frame that has bulb sockets around the perimeter.

Before placing the mirror, take a picture of the wall where you want to put it. You should then experiment with different shapes and sizes of mirrors to see which one works best. The placement of your mirror is not a one-size-fits-all strategy, but it should create balance in your room and be easy to use.
Vaastu effects of dressing table mirror

Many people have misconceptions about dressing table mirrors. They assume that having a mirror on a dressing table will cause problems. But research has shown that this is not true. The only reason a mirror can cause problems is when it is placed in an incompatible Vaastu zone.

Mirrors have many benefits, and they can change the energy in your home. The right placement of a dressing table mirror can improve your health and prosperity. It can also improve your relationships with your partner and children. In addition, a mirror can improve the Vastu of your entire house.

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