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Choosing The Right Photo Booth Rental Company

Photo Booths are one of the best and easiest ways to add a fun and engaging experience to your wedding. They add an interactive experience for your guests during cocktail hour, fill up downtime, and kick the party off after the ceremony. It also allows them to let loose at your event if they are feeling a bit stiff.

Many times guests can take a wedding a bit serious, and letting go can sometimes be a bit intimidating, especially if everyone else is also sitting wondering what to do. The soft music during a cocktail hour and the wait between the dinner and ceremony can feel long and grueling, but a photo booth can add an element of fun and surprise during those times, as well as give your guests a gift to take and keep for years to come.

But not all photo booths are the same. Selecting the right one will give your guests the fun and exciting experience to start the party off right and show off that they were there with you, celebrating your special day!

But not all photo booths are the same, just like venues, there are so many to choose from. Here are a few things to look for when selecting a Photo Booth Rental Company:

The Right Equipment

Camera Quality - To get the best picture quality and experience, we suggest finding a photo booth that uses DSLR Cameras or up-to-date iPad Pros. These will give the best image quality, providing rich color and clear photos. There are photo booths that use webcams, but using a webcam will unfortunately dull the colors, give a grainy output, and lower quality photos. Using DSLR cameras and iPads, you and your guests will shine bright like a diamond!

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High-resolution dye-sublimation printers – While photo booths can add a lot of fun to a wedding, they can also be frustrating if people are waiting too long time for prints. The best way to ensure your guests do not get frustrated with waiting is by selecting a photo booth company that uses High Quality, Dye-Sublimation printers. The reason why is because these printers are incredibly fast, printing a photo as soon as 6 seconds from when it is taken. We suggest avoiding the use of Inkjet Printers since these printers can take minutes to print, will get ruined if wet, and fade over time. A high quality printer will not only deliver the best colors, they won’t get ruined if someone spills a drink on them, and will last for years. Your guests will be impressed by how fast they get their photos and how the colors pop!

Photo Booth Software

One of the main components to having a great photo booth experience is the software used. Printing a photo is no longer the only thing a photo booth can do, your guests can record videos, take boomerangs and animated gifs.

Photo Booth Setup

Your wedding is taking place in the 2020s, make sure that the photo booth you are using is staying up to date as well. When shopping around, ask if they use a PVC Pipe booth. You take the time to get the right décor to match your wedding, PVC Pipes and paper thing drapes can be an eyesore that will look outdated and stand out in the wrong way. Modern Photo Booths are meant to fit the theme of your event, providing various backdrop options to best match décor.

The Right Photo Booth Rental Company

Lucky Shots has the absolute best Miami photo booth rental experiences to offer your next wedding, socials, or corporate event! They provide their services to events across Houston, Sugar Land, Katy, Downtown, The Woodlands, and the surrounding locations.

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