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해외서버를 알아보기 위한 15가지 최고의 트위터 계정

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대형 도메인 등록 및 웹사이트 호스팅 업체인 고대디(GoDaddy)에서 아이디어 유출 사고가 생성하였다. 데이터 침해 사실이 발견된 건 8월 12일의 일로, 매니지드 워드프레스(Managed WordPress) 고객 150만 명의 상식이 유출된 것으로 보인다. 이메일 주소, 매니지드 워드프레스 고객 번호, 디폴트 워드프레스 케어자 비밀번호, SFTP, 데이터베이스 사용자 이름과 비밀번호, 일부 SSL 키들이 새나갔다고 보고가 되는 상태이다.

고대디는 상태 후속 조치를 위해 모든 비밀번호들을 리셋했으며, SSL 키들이 유출된 누구들에게 공급할 새로운 인증서들을 발급하는 과정 중에 있을 것이다고 완료한다. 고대디에 의하면 공격자들은 침해된 비밀번호를 통해 고대디의 매니지드 워드프레스용 레거시 코드 베이스 내 인증서 발급 시스템에 접근했다고 한다. 공격자들이 최초 접근에 성공한 건 5월 6일의 일로, 고대디 측은 70일이나 넘게 이를 알아내지…


How to reset skill points in Diablo 2: Resurrected?

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In Diablo 2 Resurrected, every player has accidentally time to add the wrong skill attribute points or late stage of the game, they want to match the character with the most reasonable skill points. At this time, many players do not know how to do it. Don't worry, the following MMOSO will share the method of resetting the skill points of characters in Diablo 2 Resurrected, and it provides cheap…



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Click here About West Of Ireland Tourist Attractions

5 Of The Best Places To Visit In Western Ireland

You can visit many places in Western Ireland. Many of them are accessible easily from the respective airports. The capital of Western Ireland, Derry, is around an hour's drive away from the nearest airport and provides a lovely, picturesque setting for a break or getaway. It is possible to visit the busy downtown or the artsy district, which are often packed. If you plan on visiting the area in the ireland points of interest evenings, then be sure to take advantage of the buzzing nightlife. While you're in Derry you might also want to visit the cathedral and St. Mary's Cathedral, which are located nearby. These beautiful buildings provide a look into the historical past of Derry.

Another great place to stop in on your tour of Western Ireland is Portofino, which is near Porteen. Portofino is on the beautiful Killary Coast, so you can truly enjoy the fresh sea air as you stroll along the coastline. The location of this small town in Ireland's far northeastern region is different from others. If you are interested in such things, it creates intimacy between the town's shore and sea. It can provide a unique experience. Portofino boasts beautiful scenery, in addition to being close to the coastline. Enjoy a hike on part of Killarney Way or a nature walk.

Bunessan is a town in the southwest region of Western Ireland that you should visit if you are planning on traveling there. Bunessan, which is well-known for its arts and crafts industries, is one of the most visited places in Western Ireland. There are many places to shop in Bunessan, including the Art Gallery.

If you don't care about the arts or any other aspect of city life, you might want to visit one of the West End bars. This part of town has undergone a transformation. Enjoy a pint with your friends at one of the local bars, or head to one of the tables outside to have a meal.

The best thing about Western Ireland? It's very local. Many historical sites are within walking distance of the community. The Ulchester Castle is a great example of a Roman ruin that you should visit. It is believed that several emperors visited the area during their search for power in fifth-century Italy. Cragside has a number of stunning cliffs that once were covered with water.

If you're interested in history and arts, then you'll certainly enjoy exploring some of the castles located in Fowey. Dunmore Castle is one of the most well-known. Dunmore Castle was home to one of King Edward’s most famous battles. It also contains remnants of the fortified structure that fell during the conflict. Also, you can visit the Medieval Barracks as well as Cathedrals of Porta Dogs. You might want to check out some of the amazing art galleries located in the vicinity while you are there.

You must visit West Cork's award-winning restaurants if you are serious about food. O'Flynn's Bar & Grill is a place where oysters, seafood, and other delicious dishes are available. Try some traditional dishes, such as broth or carp. There is so much to see and do in West Cork that you will want to spend your entire time here.

You have many choices when it comes to shopping. Foynes is a great place to visit in order experience its bustling city scene. You can also hire a car from Dingle to visit the stunning places of West Cork. When you are done shopping you can return to your rental hotel for a quick bath and then head out into the world. When you travel to Western Ireland, there are many sights and experiences to be had.

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