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2 ply coir yarn is made from two strands of coir fiber that have been twisted together. The result is a pliable yarn with a soft feel.

This is a very soft and thick yarn made from the fibers of coconut husks. It is used for making fabric such as pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals. This yarn is dyed using the dyes of indigo, orangish-yellow dye. This type of yarn is hard to sew with because it breaks if over-stitched.
2 ply coir yarn is commonly used for crochet projects because the yarn is very soft and drapes nicely. Fingering cotton yarn is much thicker and requires less ply twisting to make a soft drapey fabric.

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2 ply coir can also be used in crocheting foundation garments because the 2nd strand of fiber gives back more bulk than 1st strand so it results in a garment that will sit higher on the body with some shaping compared to 1ply scrapie (which uses only one layer of fiber). Wool roving- A deep, dense, long staple wool that is ideal for crocheting due to loose crimp and high felting properties.

1 ply coir - This term refers to a strand of coir yarn whose length is 1/2 the full length of the outer strands in multi-ply spinning or roving (multiple bundles wrapped together). Therefore there are 2 strands while 3 plies size (2x6) has 6 strands with each one shorter than one of the strands in 1 ply. There are no twistes on these yarns but they still have properties that make them ideal for crocheting - soft feel with good stitch definition comparable to fingering or dk weight cotton yarn, as well as a cuddle factor 

The finer wool fibers can be spun into roving (coir) which you later crochet with. Coirs also lend themselves to felting much more than your averageyarn due to their crimp, making them ideal for ultra soft crochet. They also hold loops inside of your finished piece which may help you know where crocheting left off or carries forward from machine stitching
2 ply wools – These refer to 2 strands of wool that are twisted together with a yarn over (knitting stitch). For felted projects the twist in these fibers has more effect than second strand and provides softer drape? In most yarns, longer fiber has more crimp and does creates a softer feel.

A true 2 ply is made of two single strands (not twisted) that are passed through each other three times before being wrapped or plied into yarn. More deception fibers*** can be spun from this wool? Reason to use this style is as small core yarn for novelty items. It may also have the advantage of having less wicking properties than thicker deluded knitting fiber.

Polwarth or 100% wool? – Many companies sell yarn that claims to be 100% pure Ravella (and other such proprietary blends) but is actually a "polwarth" blend which contains alpaca for softness, silk for elasticity and/or bamboo rayon for preferred knitting performance and reduced machine washing care.... This can make it more laborious in the hand of experienced crocheters as you must understand your yarns fiber content in order to gauge as to which fibers are stronger or weaker than others since you may need a specific amount if the opposite cannot be manipulated.

Cotton, Alpaca and Bamboo Wens – While they do not share any natural similarities with wool, modern industrial cotton farm crops can be made into yarn nearly identical enough (with some similar bright shiny appearance) that it? thought people commonly confuse them when purchasing yarn from industrial marketers.

Cow, Goat or Other Swine Wool? –Industrial wool production methods are based on the natural growth of small herds of sheep tended by human farmers since at least 4000BC; this is in contrast to fish and other naturally thin animal fibers (such as reed) whose fibers must be harvested manually thus giving them their soft texture.? Modern qualities for yarn base materials include merino chickens that have become quite popular due

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