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Coir yarn is a popular choice among many knitters and crocheters because of its resilience and ability to keep your project warm even when wet. Additionally, it is also machine-washable which makes it easy to care for.

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Coir yarn is made from the husks of coconuts fiber, which is a type of water-soluble fibrous plant. This natural fiber has many benefits that make it an attractive choice for textiles, including high strength and resilience, non-toxic composition, low moisture absorption, and slow biodegradation. Additionally, this versatile material can be processed into a variety of products such as felts, matsting agents for flooring applications (such as tile), apparel fabrics (such as tracksuits), insulation materials, filter papers etc.Coir yarn can be used for products that need extra warmth or insulation, such as sweaters and hats.

Coir Yarn can also be used as insulation for outdoor gear or buildings. While this product may not be effective at keeping people cool during hot weather conditions, it does provide thermal protection for equipment inside buildings during colder monthsIt's also good for preventing moisture build-up in atticsdue to its high R-value (which means it traps air).Coir encourages air circulation which helps reduce humidity levels indoors and can also help control cockroaches.It's also a natural pesticide due to its antibacterial properties.

Coir yarn is produced by taking the coir fiber from the dried coconut husk. Once the fiber is extracted, it is cleaned and then spun into yarn. The yarn is then dyed and processed into various products.

Coir yarn is made from the excrement of coconuts. It is a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice for stringing because it doesn't require any dyes or bleaches, and it retains its shape even after being wetted. Additionally, coir fiber is extremely soft, making it well-suited for garments that need to be comfortable to wear.


Coir yarn has a natural resistance to humidity and weather conditions, so it can last in harsh climates without deteriorating over time. And because Coir Yarn isn't machine-washable, you don't have to worry about damaging delicate fibers or causing buildup on the washing machine's filters.

Coir yarn also has excellent thermal properties; it retains heat well and doesn't get damp easily. Consequently, this fiber can be used to make warm clothing in cold weather conditions or cool clothing during hot weather periods. Additionally, coir yarn isn't affected by mildew or other forms of rot; this means that it can last long without having to be laundered frequently.

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