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What Is Investing?

Posted by Chesser Ritchie on November 29, 2021 at 6:21pm 0 Comments

Investing is how you make your cash grow, or appreciate for long term monetary objectives. It is a way of saving your money for something further ahead in the future. Conserving is a plan to reserve a specific quantity of your earned income over a brief amount of time in order to have the ability to accomplish a brief term objective.

Investing, on the other hand,…


10 Wrong Answers To Common The Housing Market Questions: Do You Know The Right Ones?

Posted by Luu Esperanza on November 29, 2021 at 6:20pm 0 Comments

1. The last 6 months or the most recent: In the past it was suggested the use of only houses, sold, within the last year, to come up with this! Recently, that time period was shortened to just the past six months. It is widely believed that, at a time the prices of homes are rising ator even near the record pace, we ought to be looking at an even, shorter - period! The truth is that it's not pertinent, for the most part, what one, bought the house, for, and/or, the cost of the improvements…


Investment Calculator - Smartasset

Posted by Avelina Matsuda on November 29, 2021 at 6:19pm 0 Comments

Seeking to maximize your money and beat the expense of inflation!.?. !? You desire to purchase the stock exchange to get greater returns than your typical savings account. Discovering how to invest in stocks can be daunting for somebody just getting begun. When you buy stocks, you're acquiring a share of a company.

There are various ways to invest and take advantage of your money. There's a lot to understand prior to you get started investing in stocks. It's essential to understand…


Collaboration Portal: For Productivity and Customer Satisfaction in the Digital Era

Remote work has become the new normal in the pandemic. Businesses that lagged in digital connectivity had to come up with remote solutions. They learned how to manage their teams remotely, encourage digital collaboration, and provide customers with their needed tools.

The outcome is that virtual format has now become a norm. 54 percent of Americans say that they want to continue working from home. 66 percent expect to go for a hybrid model. As a result, communication and collaboration have undergone a drastic shift. Digital collaboration has become the norm, and post-pandemic, it’s likely to continue.

Businesses must adopt new digital methods like video chat, file sharing, and chat options to connect with employees and customers. And that’s what we are going to cover in this article.

Collaboration portal features
Collaboration portal best practices

Before we get into the features, let’s try to understand the role of the collaboration portal in your organization. Whether it’s a small team with a few customers or a big organization, collaboration software bridges the communication gap between employees and customers. As a business, you can increase task completion, knowledge gathering, team-building exercises, and more. A collaboration tool connects customers/employees with the right people and channelizes information sharing to drive the right decisions.

Apart from that, there are various ways portals benefit your organization:

Streamlines communication by providing customers and employees with a unified interface: no more redundant emails and calls.
Facilitates information storing and data sharing with communities, small groups, and individuals with a few clicks.
Enables teammates to work together even remotely. They can share documents, participate in discussions and do a lot more within a single workspace.
Increases accountability and allows team members to go back and check the mistakes and prevent them from recurring.
Improves relationships with external stakeholders by allowing them to browse the knowledge base, submit questions, and manage everything related to tickets.
Eliminates trivial activities such as status updates, to-do lists, meetings requests. You can manage it all from one place.
Promotes business expansion and growth. Collaboration inspires teams to participate, share ideas, raise bars, and foster communication for business enhancement.
Builds your brand and shows you in a positive light in front of your customers.

To garner these benefits, having the right set of features in your collaboration software is essential. And what are those features?

Let’s see it.

Must-Have Collaboration Portal Features
Unified Communication

A centralized network with internal communication capabilities eliminates the bottlenecks in human interaction. With a centralized platform, you and your stakeholders can communicate related to a project within one place. Without searching through email threads, you can find relevant information in the chat group. The conversation threads help team members to provide feedback, request approvals, and send documents to each other. Apart from this, you can take advantage of video calls, virtual meetings, streaming – everything from a single platform.

Slack, a communication tool, is a good inspiration for internal collaboration. It includes features like – search, notifications, screen sharing, customizable chatbots, and third-party integrations. Some solutions also allow attaching files with comments in internal messaging features to improve virtual connectivity.

Here’s what you should include to enhance communication:

Real-time chat and messaging
Audio and video conferencing
Discussion threads
File sharing
Notifications and Alerts

Tip: Include stickers, GIFs, emojis in the chat platform. Offer all the possible communication channels in a single group. Let your team members choose how they would like to communicate.

Task Management

If the purpose of the collaboration is to expedite projects, then managing tasks would simplify the processes. Your remote team can manage their tasks and work as per their routine. You, on the contrary, can set up a task list for teams, send reminders to you and your team members, and attach files to the list for quick access.

With task management, you can track your employees’ accomplishments, including project progress. It helps you meet goals and keep everyone on the same page. Trello, for example, allows users to collaborate within a board and create a card for every task that moves across the board with easy drag-and-drop functionality. Users can add others to the task and even attach files to it. Other examples include Asana and Wrike.

Key features to include:

Boards to create and manage tasks
Task assignment to add people to tasks
Task prioritization to set schedule
Planning and scheduling to meet deadlines
File management to store and attach files
Comments and real-time sharing

Tip: Offer easy-to-read calendar views of tasks and deadlines. It will help you and your team members to plan, schedule, and adjust tasks based on their objectives and goals.

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