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Considering the low population on stadia

Wrote a little article about it as well and this get sorted out, since this is unacceptable.Man I have spent so many wasted hours with this game lol Need to download rosters the community makes for myleague it is total bullshit however yo big up anybody who makes them shares them... also, stop adding ur created character to the Lakers pls.It's so reassuring to see others have the same problem, how can we come together and make a change for your unpolished turd That's NBA 2k21

I stopped playing the game almost completely despite being the highest rep in the neighborhood because of all the crashing and bugs. Even the most mundane tasks like changing badges, employing the 2k phone, altering animations will bring about the whole game to crash. I have received an email from the developers saying they marked the problems in their database and will work to solve them"as soon as possible" but the odds of them actually fixing the bugs in the game is quite very slim.Stadia should contact the devs. Though this does need the men and women who purchased the sport to contact 2k. You need to provide the connection so that we can message 2k right and let them know people arent going to stand for their scams!

It is unfortunate. I know that it's too late but quit purchasing new installments in the series. Is the only way they'll clean their act up. I bought this game for $11 through a sale but felt obligated to reunite for some reason mentioned in the article. I feel like the show was a cash grab to get a bit but moreso on Stadia's platform.Right. I'd hate for this to happen but what they are doing is improper.

Considering the low population on stadia, it's likely not profiyable to fix/update it. They'd be better off eliminating it and reimbursing the number of people who bought it. I'd be surprised when they bothered porting it at all nedt year.All other points stand tho and also to wait so long for 2k to do something that easy us disgraceful.

It's particularly bad on Stadia, considering there are system issues where the game slows to a crawl. How is there a performance issue on Stadia?The roster upgrades do not disturb me as far as the horrendous 2+ minute load times to get in to MyCareer game mode, and the slowdown-freeze after enjoying 2-3 games in MyCareer is game-breaking.

I delivered a tweet a while back and Stadia advised me my consideration to 2K. I figured that since I'm just one individual that 2K wouldn't care. What 2K is doing is completely shameful. They need to fix the game.

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