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The Rise of Online Cannabis Shopping: Buying Pounds of Weed at Your Fingertips

Posted by Andrew Paul on February 23, 2024 at 5:33pm 0 Comments


In the era of expanding cannabis legalization, the digital age has ushered in a new frontier for weed enthusiasts – buying pounds of weed online. The convenience, variety, and accessibility offered by online platforms have transformed the traditional purchasing experience. However, as with any online transaction, there are important considerations to ensure a safe and legal process.

  1. The Changing Cannabis Landscape:

As more regions embrace the…


Contact with Professional for Advance Coal Gasification Equipment

Coal gasification is a process that is used to convert carbonaceous material into carbon monoxide & hydrogen. Coal gasification is used for power generation & it is gaining popularity also due to the ready global availability of raw materials and solutions that how we can make it environment friendly.

Gasification performance is dependent on coal type & gasifier configuration. Gasifiers are classified according to the type of reactor used and how fuels and oxidant flow. The choice of coal gasification equipment technology is dependent on a variety of factors, but coal type is generally the least flexible factor, and gasification technology selection is typically based on the coal to be processed. The efficiency of this fuel is more stable than any other fuel.


1) Hot air generators.
2) Galvanising Industries.
3) Aluminium die cast
4) Copper/ Brass sheet industries
5) Stainless steel re-rolling industries.
6) Petrol fuel replacement.
7) Hot water generator.

Type of coal gasifier:

1) Single-Stage Gasifier: The technology of a single-stage gasifier, with 20mm-60mm bituminous coal or anthracite as fuel, is the gasification technology of a series of chemical reactions working inside a gasifier. Which consists of oxidization, reduction, pyrolysis, and drying. Etc. After the technical disposal with the optimized allocation of dust-removing, tar-removing, cooling, etc., the clean coal gas out of the gasifier is supplied to the industrial kiln by a gas pressure adding and transmission system. Hot coal gas and cold coal gas technology are defined according to the requirements of different kilns. The whole system includes a coal yard, slag yard, coal lifting system, coal bunker, coal feeding system, and air supplying system. Single-stage gasifier gasifying system. Dust-removing and purifying system, light oil catching and recycling system, auto-control system, gas storage, and pressure adding and transmission system.

2) Extended Shaft Gasifier: Extended Shaft Gasifiers, Coal Gasifier has successfully marked its achievement in the most demanding application in the industries mentioned above in the applications.

• CPG range starts are from 20KWe to 1200KWe gasifiers for Thermal and Power Application
• 100+ CPG Gasifier running successfully.
• CE marked Gasifiers in cooperating with all safety requirements.
• Fully automated
• Robust design
• High reliability
• Designed for easy maintenance.

Gasifier Equipment:

Any organic materials can be used as feedstock for gasification, including charcoal, wood and wood waste, agricultural residues, organic wastes, industrial wastes, and municipal trashes. These feedstocks differ greatly in chemical, physical, and morphological properties. They have different and specific demands on the method of gasification and consequently require different reactor designs or even gasification technologies. Thus, many different gasifiers have been developed and marketed. There are different types of gasifiers available to process feedstock or feedstock with specific and similar properties. Thus, no universal gasifier is available which can process all feedstocks.

Salient Features of CPW Gasifier:

1) Automation - CPG manufactures fully automatic control gasifiers based on PLC & SCADA to control temperature, pressure & gas flow between the gasifier & application.
2) Safety Devices - CPG manufactures gasifiers keeping in mind all safety measures & provides rupture disks, auto vent valves & water seals at different points. Due to safety features, CPG gasifiers are “CE” marked.
3) Training to Customers- CPG provides training to the manpower to operate the plant smoothly & trouble-free.
4) Energy Audit - CPG provides energy audits for the customers to be aware of energy saving & make their system cost-effective.
5) Standardization - CPG gasifiers are standardized and use all components as per international specifications, so the bought-out parts are easily available all over the world.

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