Creating a Clean and Organized Kitchen: The Key to Planning, Cleaning and Storage

Kitchen cleaning, maintenance and management work, has always been the housewife's most brain-wracking link, grease, rust, vegetable juice, etc., are we difficult to cope with the dirt; walls, countertops, washing, storage all aspects of the problem should be cleaned up to be bright and decent, it is really such a very cumbersome work. In fact, it is as long as you can according to their own needs and interests in the development of home planning and design properly, grasp a few tips, usually cook three meals after the time to clean up by hand, can always keep the kitchen clean as new, and more effective to avoid because of the concentration of students cleaning to make the physical overload brought about by fatigue.

Kitchen cleaning does not just mean "do hygiene", but should have a reasonable planning, clean and organized kitchen. How to have such a kitchen? First of all, the four basic principles of design.

1. Hygiene principle: kitchenware should have the ability to resist pollution, especially to prevent cockroaches, rats, ants contaminated food function to ensure that the overall inherent quality of the kitchenware.

2. Principle of fire prevention: the kitchen is the only area of modern families using open fire, the fire prevention and flame retardant ability of its materials is high or low, the kitchenware and even the family's safety plays a vital role, especially the fire resistance of the kitchen surface, but also an important criterion for the selection of the kitchen.

3, the principle of convenience:The operation in the kitchen should have a reasonable flow, therefore,kitchen scrubber manufacturer in the design of kitchen utensils, you can follow the correct process to design the arrangement of the parts; the height of the cooker, the position of the hanging cabinet and so on. Therefore, the design of kitchenware can be in accordance with the correct process to design the arrangement of the parts; the height of the cooker, the position of the hanging cabinet and so on.

4, beautiful design principle: kitchenware business can not only require for modeling, color pleasing to the eye, and we have to have durability, which requires the requirement of the surface material has a good resistance to grease, grease and smoke, so that the kitchenware can be a longer period of time to maintain a surface clean as new.

With the principle, in the specific implementation of the process, you can master the four major tips to make the kitchen become more beautiful.

Tip 1:Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of various kitchen countertops will give you a better idea when choosing.

Tip 2: Kitchen walls should be selected from those that are easy to clean and not easily exposed to oily wall coverings, as well as fire- and heat-resistant to deformation.

Tip 3: The kitchen is the most cluttered space in the home, storage should take into account the practicality and safety.

Tip 4: washing appliances should be perfect, modern society families as well as kitchens should also be equipped with disinfection cabinets, food for garbage grinder and other equipment.



Kitchen walls should be convenient and practical, not easy to be polluted, waterproof, fireproof, heatproof, and have a better visual effect. At present, there are a variety of options for fireproof plastic wallpaper, after the processing of fireproof board, but the most popular is still a variety of colors that can liven up the visual atmosphere of the kitchen tiles.

In fact, under the premise of solving the grease and smoke, we may wish to try to use new paints and wallpapers with bright colors and rich patterns to change the monotonous situation of the kitchen wall. The paint wallpaper chosen here should have good scrub resistance and multi-layer coverage.

At the sink and stove and nearby, you can also nail the wall with a grease trap made of glass, metal and other synthetic research materials.

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Grease stains splattered on the wall while cooking, if left untreated, can form a rash little by little over time. At this point, you can spray some Kitchen & Bath Universal Cleaner on the wall, then stick a kitchen paper towel on it and wipe it off after about fifteen minutes. Or just pour a small amount of floor cleaner on a cabbage cloth, wipe off the yellow spots and then rinse clean with water.

As for the Chinese tile crevices and other places that are more difficult to clean through, you can scrub them at the same time with the help of an old toothbrush, which will be simpler and less labor intensive.



The countertops of cabinets undertake important tasks such as washing, cooking and storage. Currently, countertop materials can be categorized into natural stone, artificial stone, fireproof board, wood and stainless steel. The hardness and water resistance of the material must be known beforehand due to the different needs of conditioning habits.

Natural stone including marble and granite, with a variety of patterns and textures; artificial stone can imitate a variety of natural stone patterns, hardness is a little worse, but waterproof, stain-resistant, acid and alkali resistance are very good; fire prevention board has many brands and colors, the price is also the most affordable.

Black oak, multi-layer board, stainless steel, metal aluminum are the mainstream materials popular in recent years in China.

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In addition to cleaning the countertop with a damp cloth immediately after use, the cleaning method is slightly different due to different materials.


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