Agricultural Services in Uk
Agriculture is a significant industry in the U.K. As the nation was one of Europe's earliest adopters of mixed farming, agriculture today still plays an important part in rural life and landscape, including as a source of employment for many residents of UK towns and villages. A wide range of agricultural services are provided across the country by firms both large and small to help support farmers, who provide food for the nation's citizens and income for those servicing other industries.
Catering to the needs of farmers and other agricultural businesses, are a range of services, including:
The ability of UK agriculture to supply fresh food to its citizens is dependent on more than just farm workers. There are many services in place to help ensure agricultural production and development.
Grain stores facilities for storage of bulk grain for up to 12 months in all weather conditions are located across the UK. Grain stores provide a vital service to farmers by giving them the opportunity to store their grain stocks until they can be offered for sale or export. In addition, grain stores also provide secure long-term storage options which do not impose time limits on farmers who have surpluses.
Farm machinery is a key part of farm business in UK. Agri dealers offer technical advice and service to the agricultural community and maintain a range of machinery so that rural communities can benefit from the latest innovations in technology. Common UK machinery includes: combine harvesters, tractors, balers/bale wrappers, seed drills and sprayers.
Sectors within agriculture also require specialist training for their workers. Farming is not just about running tractors, hoeing fields and picking fruit; it also involves skilled work such as animal husbandry—for example, caring for livestock. The job of a farm worker can be quite different from that of a regular job in one of the cities.
With automation and artificial intelligence moving into agriculture, the question is being asked as to whether jobs are disappearing. Although there is no definitive answer to this question yet, some estimates show that there could be over 5.5 million jobs in agriculture worldwide by 2050. This would represent an increase of 60% compared with 2015 levels, when there were 3.8 million jobs across all sectors in agriculture. Read More..visit here

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