Did you purchase Cricut Explore Air 2? It will be exciting to introduce you to this machine. Compared to its previous model, it can cut 100+ materials covering paper to leather. You can get the desirable do-it-project two times faster with ease and without any effort. The machine is available in various price ranges.

Besides that, the machine also gives a professional look to the completed project, making it more appealing to the viewers. Along with the machine, you’ll get a wide variety of materials that will assist in creating the top-standard project. Please read the article if you don’t know about this fabric-cutting machine.

How Do You Define Explore Air 2?
Before buying this fabric-cutting machine, you must go through its characteristics. It will help them in preparing their mind about whether it is worth spending the money or not. Have a look at its characteristics below:

It’s faster than Explore Air and flexible for designing craft.
You need Design Space (Mac/Windows/iOS).
Explore Air 2 can work on both Online and Offline modes.
It can upload images for free.
There are merged compartments that can hold multiple accessories and tools.
Besides, it has built-in Bluetooth and an intelligent set dial to choose machine settings.
What Tools or Accessories Come Inside Explore Air 2?
While opening the machine box, you’ll find various items used for different purposes while using the machine to craft the design. While unboxing the items, ensure that you handle them carefully so they don’t get damaged. The list of items that you’ll see inside the box includes:

Explore Air 2 machine.
Power cord & USB cord.
Premium Fine-Point Blade + Blade Housing (already installed in Clam B).
Pen & Accessory adapter (pre-installed in Clamp A).
Manual Book.
Quick Start Guide.
12 x 12 LightGrip cutting mat.
Extra material for test cutting.
After learning about the items, the buyer will see while unboxing the machine; it’s time to proceed with the procedure via which they can set up the fabric cutting machine.

How to Setup Explore Air 2 Machine?
In order to complete the Cricut Explore Air 2 setup & installation Cricut Explore Air 2 procedure, all the buyers are supposed to follow these stages.

For Windows/Mac
If you want to operate the electric cutting machine, then read the following stages for setting up the machine with Windows/Mac:

Firstly, you need to plug the machine into the socket and on it.
Secondly, connect the machine via a USB cord/Bluetooth.
Third, open Cricut’s official website and install the Design Space app.
Furthermore, read the guidelines visible on the screen.
Then create your Cricut ID & Sign-In into your account.
Keep calm until the setup process is complete, and do the test cut when you are told.
For iOS/Android
You can also complete the Explore Air 2 setup task via your smartphone to save time. You just have to take a look at the following pointers:

In the starting stage of the process, you’ve got to plug in the machine and open the switch.
Move the Bluetooth icon and open it.
For the next stage, you need to download & install the Design Space app.
After launching the app, create your ID & then sign in.
Once the app gets opened, the Menu column will be visible.
Under Dropbox, tick on the Machine Setup.
Moreover, you have to choose the machine model and complete the process by reading the instructions on the screen.
At last, you’ll get notified about the setup completion when called for the cutting test.
As shown in the above paragraph, you must have assembled the data related to the setup for Cricut explore air 2. Below are the steps to remove the accessories adapter from the machine.

How to Remove Accessory Adapter from Explore Air 2?
The Explore Air 2 accessory adapter is already pre-installed in Clamp A. Any reasons if you want to remove the adapted from the machine, then follow these steps:

Start the accessory adapter removal procedure by removing Clamp A.
Put your thumb under the adapter and slowly put the pressure upwards while pushing down the clamp.
After that, the adapter will come out of the accessory clamp.
If you want to re-install the adapter, put your finger under clamp A to stabilize it while reinserting it.
Slowly put the pressure while putting the adapter, and it will quickly get installed in its place.
With the help of this process, you get the idea of how to remove/re-insert the Cricut Explore 3 accessory adapter. Besides, it might help you in the future while cleaning the adapter.

Concluding the article, you’ve understood all the primary information that will assist you in understanding the Explore Air 2 setup process, installation process, and many more.

Question: Is it necessary to have a Bluetooth adapter in the Explore Air 2 machine?
Answer: It’s essential to have a Bluetooth adapter space in the machine that will help the machine to get connected with the devices. With the help of an adapter, the machine will quickly detect the machine.

Question: What are the measurements of the Cricut Explore Air 2 machine?
Answer: The Cricut Explore Air 2 measurements include: Height: 15.01 cm (5.91 inches), Weight: 4.98 kg, Width: 17.80 cm & Length: 56.31 cm.

Question: Does Explore Air 2 have fast mode?
Answer: Cricut Explore Air 2 is furnished with a fast mode that helps cut various materials from thin to thick with two times faster speed than its last model.

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