Customized processing program for plastic parts

Composition: This is the first step in a plastic-type treatment method. In addition to polymers, the unprocessed components it requires must also be added with some artificial additives for plastic materials, such as stabilizers, plasticizers, colorants, etc., in order to make the performance of highly processed plastic products really play out. A big improvement, it may also reduce manufacturing costs.

Molding: This is the most critical part of the plastic molding process, forming various forms of plastic into the desired empty molds.

Processing: Leverage metal or wood processing solutions to produce plastic material products with precise dimensions or small volumes.

Contract signing: plastic components are collectively signed, and adhesives such as flux, resin glue,plastic parts manufacturing , hot melt adhesive are used for connection strategy.

Modification: The purpose of this step is usually to modify the surface of plastic products, usually through mechanization customization, which can be grinding, pulling, polishing, etc. Then a piece of art, including coloring.

Assembly: This is the last part of plastic material processing, that is, packaging ordinary people's plastic parts into a comprehensive plastic material product or service.


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