CNC router building is not an impossible task those days. All you need is to maintain a good knowledge for the subject and get sufficient knowledge in program desiging such as Autocad.

The major task for building you CNC is to build the mechanism over which the machine is constructed. The electrical part is not so important to learn since the driver boards are shipped in the market and is ready to use it. The software also is shipped and ready to use and no need arisies to build new software. Mach3 is the most common software used to manage CNC. desktop cnc router

Many considerations must be considered when going to design the mechanism. The most important one is to reduce momentums in all parts of the machine. For instance, the z axis holder if made far from the workpiece, will generate torque that will make the machine vibrate or at leat not steady.

Making your machine steady is the most important part for your machine. Weekness in some parts will cause the machine vibrate while the the machine running causing negative impacts on the finish. This is very important point to consider when building your CNC machine.

The more strength of the joinng between parts, the better done the building. Welding tends to become steadier then using bolts and a rule, everything can be weld inside the machine, do it by welding. Especially, the body of the machine or the bed on which all the parts are fixed, must be very reigid. This is the most important part you must pay attention to.

The space between the rails on the y axis must be spaced not too far. As discussed above, more space make momentum that affects the performance of operation. Also the spindle must be too close to the workpiece for the same reason.

If you followed the above guidelines when buildinh your CNC machineFree Web Content, you will get finer results. So what about the hardware electronics you will need. All you will need is the motor drivers and the interface card connecting the drivers to the computer. The motor drivers are the power cards giving power to the motors whther stepper or servo motors by taking signals from the computer throuth the interface card.

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