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You don’t have to go around in agonizing and excruciating pain. You should have the pain in your foot and ankle looked at by a highly trained physician. If you have gone to your GP, and they have referred you to an Ankle Specialist London or a Foot Surgeon London, then you should go to the latter as soon as you can. Such problems rarely go away on their own. And you may have a growth, infection, fracture, or other condition that can lead to more serious problems.

It is best to put these matters into the hands of a specialist. You may be tempted to look up the causes of your pain online. While this is a perfectly legitimate starting point, it should not be the end of your efforts. Unless you are a medical professional, you simply do not have the knowledge to accurately diagnose your condition. Only someone with the requisite knowledge and experience can do the assessment and tests necessary to determine the nature and causes of the problem and provide you with the right solutions.

The fear of doctors is often driven by the worry that they inevitably deliver bad news. Even if this is the case, it is better to know what is wrong with you than to guess at it. Once you have been diagnosed, the surgeon or specialist will provide you with a treatment plan. This will start you on your way toward a better life—a life free of pain and the strain that comes with it.

Your GP may not have all the answers for you. That is why they will refer you to a specialist. If you must undergo surgery, then you should ensure that the surgeon you go to is qualified to carry out the work. The more complex and complicated the condition the more expertise is required to treat it. Problems that develop in the foot and ankle must be dealt with by people who have studied these parts of the body for years, and know of all the diseases and conditions that can affect them. The only way to get healed is by visiting such a specialist.

The surgeon you go to should be transparent and honest about what they can and cannot do. It is vital that they tell you the truth. If they are unable to perform the surgery, then they should recommend you to someone who can. You should not be made to suffer indefinitely. You should get the treatment you require to get back on your feet—literally.

Surgeons never guarantee outcomes. Complications can develop in even the simplest surgeries. The human body is one of the most complex organisms on the planet. Not every body responds the same way to surgery, and you may have underlying conditions that your surgeon knew nothing about. Given all this, you still have the right to expect a competent and professionally executed surgery. Your surgeon should have the expertise and qualifications to undertake the job in hand and get it right.

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