Making your own Perfume Grade Alcohol sounds like a full laboratory process, but it is actually simple to make with only the best quality ingredients you can use. Read on to learn why it’s better to make your own perfume, the ingredients and equipment you may need, and how to make it.


Why make your own perfume?

There are many benefits to making your own perfume, but here are the top 3.

Avoid Harmful Chemicals

Store-bought perfumes can sometimes contain strong chemicals that cause irritation to the skin. When you make your own perfumes, you know the ingredients that are added, avoiding the ones that are harmful to your skin or simply cause allergies.

Saves Money

The ingredients you buy to make your own perfumes can last long, make more batches, or even be used for other purposes. It’s a lot more affordable to make it and you’re able to have a wide variety of scents as you like.


As mentioned, it is customizable to your preferences. Whether it’s your favorite scents or simply avoiding harmful chemicals, making your perfumer alcohol allows you to customize it exactly how you like and need it.


The Ingredients

When making your own homemade perfume, here are the ingredients to consider. First, think about the carrier oil you want to use. You can use almond, coconut, or jojoba. The purpose of carrier oils is to dilute essential oils you’ll be using in your homemade perfume and carry them over to your skin better. Essential oils can be too concentrated and can irritate the skin.

This brings up the next ingredient - natural essential oils canada. You can put as many essential oils as you like to create your own signature scents or refer to online sources for any specific scents you’re trying to replicate. You can also use a few essential oils to keep it fresh and simple.

An optional but beautiful ingredient would be dried flower petals. They don’t add too much to the final scent but look beautiful if you pour them into a clear container. Additionally, don’t forget to get a container for your perfume (1x 30ml roll-on bottle, 1x 30 ml dropper bottle, or 2x 15 ml dropper bottles), a funnel, and a stirrer such as a spoon.

Alcohol is often included in perfumes as they are great carriers to distribute fragrance and disappear when it has been distributed, but in this particular DIY blog, alcohol will be omitted.

The Process

To make 30ml of perfume, add 3 tablespoons of your chosen carrier oil in a container. In the same container, add a total of 27 drops of essential oils of your choice. Stir until mixed. Separately, add the dried flower petals to the container. Using a funnel, pour in the perfume mixture. Now you’re ready to use your perfume!

Don’t forget to do a patch test, especially if you have sensitive skin, and ensure to lightly shake the bottle before use. Also, ensure the bottle isn’t sitting in direct heat or sunlight.

At Botanic Universe, we offer a selection of organic spices and high-quality products that are needed to create your very own homemade perfume. Browse our collection and shop now!

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