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A good segment of the female population considers large breasts as the elegance of feminine beauty. However, the reality is contradictory. A large breast size presents both physical and mental complications. Excessively huge breasts cause emotional, health, and physical issues. Moreover, you may experience pain and uneasiness, which hampers an active life. Breast reduction surgery in Delhi is a surgical procedure to remove excess fat and breast tissues.

Big-sized breasts are due to various pathological and physiological reasons. It may be genetic too. Breast reduction surgery is medically termed Reduction Mammoplasty. Any discomforts encountered with heavy breasts would no longer bother them without any physical obstacle. Thus allowing you to enjoy yourself while exercising and workouts. Hence breast reduction surgery aids in keeping their health fit and fine.

Why do you need Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi?

The emotional disturbance and self-consciousness often combined with having large saggy breasts can be as significant an issue as physical ill-health. Most people are under the notion that breast reduction surgery has only cosmetic aspects. However, the health benefits behind this procedure remain concealed for lack of awareness which is ignorance. Breast reduction can essentially improve your mental and physical health equally.

Ideal Candidates for Breast Reduction Surgery

Abnormally large breasts confront you with certain conditions which impact your daily life. That is a warning signal for breast reduction surgery. Here are a few disorders and discomforts encountered with big-sized breasts.

• Discomfort with large and heavy breasts.
• Intense back, neck, and shoulder ache that needs medication.
• Itching under your breasts
• Healthy physique
• Interference with routine activities and exercise because of the heaviness of your breasts
• Restricted exercise and workouts
• Shortness of breath despite ruling out other medical issues
• Under breast rashes
• Uneasiness in using apt bras and outfitNumbness or tingling in your arms
• Persistent upper backache, neck, and shoulder pain despite various therapy, weight loss, and treatment
• Patients Who are Not Recommended for Breast Reduction Surgery • Procedure
• Obesity
• Smoking
• Persistent medications
• Planning for pregnancy
• Breastfeeding
• Weight loss

How is breast reduction surgery done?

Breast reduction surgery is a daycare procedure. That means you can return back home within few hours of the surgery.The specific procedure for the surgery is dependent on your plastic surgeon and your requirements.

The procedure begins with administering a general anesthesia. The surgeon gives an incision around the areolar region and vertically down the underneath of the breast crease which is termed the inframammary incision, followed by the excision or removal of the excessive fat, skin, and breast tissue. The areola is removed and resecured at an elevated position. Once the reshaping of the breast repositioning of the nipple and alveoli are secured, the symmetry of the breasts is maintained.Post-surgery, wound is stitched with sutures and dressed up with gauze and bandages.

Recovery and Results After Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi

While we can give you an overview of the expected recovery timeline, remember that everybody is different. Therefore, your recovery may differ. However, you should experience minimal discomfort from your procedure, especially when performed undr the expertise of board certified surgeon.

• The average recovery timeline after Breast Reduction Surgery includes:
• Antibiotics and painkillers to expedite the wound and limit the discomfort
• Begin with regular routine within a day after surgery
• Bruising and discomfort for up to 48 hours
• Resume desk job 3 days after surgery
• Resuming driving a week after surgery
• Wearing a compression garment for 6 weeks
• Avoiding lifting your arms or weight lifting over your head for 6 weeks
• Doing follow-ups with your surgeon 48 hours, 1 week, and 6 weeks after surgery
• Swelling can take up to 6 months to regress completely.

As long as you follow the advice of your surgeon, you should have excellent results from your breast reduction surgery in Delhi. Your results continue getting better and more refined over the months following the surgery with the customised compression garment. The scars fade very well and become almost invisible.

Post-Operative Care

• Administration of analgesics Painkillers and antibiotics to curtail any infection and enhance wound healing.
• An elastic compression garment is a tight fitting garment that adheres to your chest. It compresses the muscles and aids healing. It prevents abnormal swelling, removes the strain on sutures, and reduces postoperative bruises. Underwire bras are to be avoided until complete recovery.
• Absolute rest is recommended until the wound heals.
• Refrain from stressful physical activity.
• Avoid lifting your arms until you recover completely.
• You should follow up with the review visits to assess the recovery and rule out any infection.

Postoperative complications like hemorrhage, infection, a diverse effect of anaesthesia, bruises scarring, numbness in the areola, the nipple, and, surrounding skin, and alteration in size, shape, and symmetry of the breasts after surgery which demands further procedure to are likely encountered at certain circumstances especially when you get the surgery done through a less experienced surgeon.

The Results of Breast Reduction Surgery

Successful breast reduction surgery procedure alleviates the pain and heaviness of the upper back, neck, and shoulders. It improves the quality of your life. You become physically fit with active participation in exercise and sports. Your new physical appearance enhances your self-esteem. Although the outcome of the surgery can be evident immediately, it takes a few weeks to months for the complete regression of swelling to diminish completely. It is largely dependent on the precise post-operative care you follow. An essential element in the surgery's outcome depends on your surgeon's expertise.

Choose a Board Certified Surgeon

A board-certified expert surgeon has proficiency in every nuance of the procedure. Moreover, have access to the state-of-the-art facility and world-class fracture. The breast reduction surgery costs in Delhi for such operating facilities may be comparatively high. Nonetheless, it is always better to pay more and get all the value you can than pay less for less-than-ideal results.

To conclude, breast reduction surgery is all about the person and giving them a sense of comfort and confidence both physically and mentally. It helps eliminate the social embarrassment encountered with abnormally huge breasts, replacing it with escalated self-esteem.

Dr. Lokesh Handa is a board-certified expert plastic surgeon in Delhi with profound knowledge and experience in every nuance of breast reduction surgery procedure in Delhi. His expertise ensures a safe and secure procedure with the desired appearance with utmost precision.

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