Do’s and Don’ts for Healthy Hair Care

Most women aspire to have shiny, healthy hair. Little mistakes can make the hair lifeless and dull. Some common bad hair care habits can cause hair damage, including breakage, dryness, and even hair loss. Stop torturing hair, it’s time to swap out bad hair habits for gorgeous hair and beauty advice. By following these tips, one may easily chase bad hair days away with at-home hair care. Get personal care products for hair and also natural products for skin at Mystiq Living.


Shoddy shampooing

For great hair upkeep, it's critical to understand how frequently to wash hair. Over shampooing could leave the scalp tight and inflamed. Another bad habit is not shampooing frequently enough, which makes the scalp oily and the dandruff problem worse. The frequency of shampooing varies according to parameters such as activity level, scalp greasiness, and others.


Styling a Wet Look

When handling hair, especially when it's wet, wear kid gloves. This is the time when hair is the thinnest and most delicate it has ever been. Wet hair should not be brushed or combed since it may stretch and break or harm the cuticle. Before blow-drying hair, blot it rather than rub it dry with a towel as part of gentle hair care.



Fry in a flat iron

Many women use flat irons to achieve a sleek, polished appearance. But it's better to use less heat on the hair. Flat iron abuse usually involves using it too frequently or in a setting that is too high. Too hot of a flat iron can dry out and make hair brittle, causing frizz or hair breakage. The hair's thickness and condition determine the ideal setting.


Beauty Advice: Begin using the lowest heat setting and work the way up to the one that suits the best.


Not Using Sunscreen

One must shield the sun from both skin and hair. Invest in a good, broad hat to shield hair from the sun's rays, which can bleach color-treated hair. The hair will become dry from swimming pool chlorine, which is especially bad for blondes. Consider wearing a bathing hat or washing your hair straight away while swimming in a chlorinated pool, according to this vintage beauty advice.Mystiq Living is a reliable website to get the best essential oil for hair growth. We carry only the highest quality oils to help you achieve the best results. Our oils are 100% organic and therapeutic grade. For more info, visit our website.


Leaving out trimmings

One typical hair care mistake is failing to trim the ends as necessary. This may cause hair damage, including split ends and breaking. The everyday hair care routine will decide how often one needs to have the ends cut. A person who routinely straightens or curls their hair will need more frequent cutting than a person who only blow-dries their hair. If the ends of the hair don't meet at a blunt point, one should trim them.



Add hair loss to the list of conditions brought on by a poor diet. If the body does not get enough protein, vitamins, and minerals, hair growth will be inhibited. Not getting enough iron can result in iron deficiency anemia, which can lead to hair loss.

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