Do you really understand marketing? You must be unaware of this information.

Marketing (Marketing) is also known as marketing, marketing science, or marketing. Marketing is the process by which individuals or collectives trade the products or values they create in order to obtain what they require to achieve a win-win or multi-win situation. It has two Fang GU
meanings: one is a verb understanding, which refers to the specific activities or behaviors of enterprises, which is then called marketing or marketing operations; the other is a noun understanding, which refers to the study of marketing activities or behaviors of enterprises, which is called marketing, marketing science, or marketing, and so on.

Students in this major primarily learn the fundamental theory and knowledge of marketing and business administration, as well as the fundamental training in marketing methods and techniques and the fundamental ability to analyze and solve marketing problems. The senior marketing specialization aims to cultivate moral, intellectual, and physical well-being in order to meet the needs of the socialist market economy.

The major of marketing is dedicated to cultivating moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic, and labor comprehensive development, adapting to the needs of economic and social development, with a certain basic knowledge of economics, management, and modern marketing theory and its application ability; with pragmatic and entrepreneurial spirit, teamwork consciousness, competitive ability, and application-oriented communication skills. Graduates can work in sales, market research, market forecasting, after-sales service, advertising planning, marketing planning, sales management, and other related positions in businesses and institutions.

There are currently network marketing training rooms, marketing planning training rooms, enterprise marketing simulation sandbox training rooms, market research training rooms, business negotiation training rooms, and other on-campus training venues that can meet the market research and forecasting, sales promotion practice, network marketing, business negotiation, and other professional courses of simulation training teaching, as well as an internship employment base signed. It has also signed internship and employment base agreements with more than 20 businesses outside the university, ensuring that the needs of professional practical teaching, internship, and employment are fully met.


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