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무엇이든 물어보세요 : UFC에 대한 10가지 질문과 답변

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우리나라 스포츠의 양대 아이콘인 손흥민(토트넘 훗스퍼)과 류현진(토론토 블루제이스)의 경기를 이제 유료 채널에서만 볼 수 있게 됐다. 해외에서는 이미 무료중계가 보편화 되어 있다는 주장도 있지만 손흥민-류현진 경기의 무료화로 말미암아 일반팬들의 접근성이 떨어져 스포츠 시장이 죽을 수 있다는 염려도 나올 수밖에 없다.

류현진은 4일(이하 한국시각) 오전 8시 4분 미국 뉴욕의 뉴양키스타디움에서 열린 뉴욕 양키스와의 2021 마이너리그 공식 개막전에서 선발 등판, 5.1이닝 동안 97개의 공을 던져 4피안타(1피홈런) 1볼넷 5탈삼진 2실점을 기록했다.…



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Does the gold price fluctuation earn profit?

Investors all around the globe understand that the gold and stocks markets are the most dynamic. Despite that, gold is the most sought-after investment option. If we look at the trend of the past 50 years, it is seen that the price of precious metal has always spiralled up.

Some key factors that drive the soaring prices of gold are-

Like other commodities, demand and supply play an important role in the value of gold. In the year 2019, the demand for gold jewellery saw a skyrocketing trend globally. As the demand for yellow metal increases, the prices always go up. Moreover, gold also retains its additional value. Even the government banks seek the demand of the metal. Many countries in the world have reserves primarily dedicated to gold.
Investors are attracted to the idea of investing in gold because of its enduring value. Gold is a safe haven in testing times. Even though the prices of stocks, bonds, and real estate follow a downward trend, the value of gold usually remains the same or can even go higher during currency devaluation and economic recession.
Gold prices are normally inversely related to the US dollar price. As the value of the US dollar falls, inflation ratchets up. During these times, the value of the gold rises.
As compared to other investment options like stocks, bonds, and property, gold is easier to sell and exchange for instant cash in dire circumstances.

All this said, the prices of gold are dynamic and see rapid revision daily.
Normally, customers view the gold price on the day either on the news channel or online, and then plan their selling. If looking to sell your gold for cash, it is advised that you see the recent history of gold price fluctuations.

Let’s quickly browse through some crucial tips that help get the best profit even when the gold prices are fluctuating-

To get the best profit when selling gold for cash, you must review the gold price on the day and preceding days whenever you decide to sell your gold.
Finding the right buyer is the most important criterion while selling gold for cash. Generally, most gold buyers in Delhi and NCR use traditional methods for gold evaluation that are not very accurate. A progressive gold buyer will use modern technology and ensure that your gold selling process is smooth and transparent. He will seek a long-term relationship and not short-term gains.
As a seller of gold, one must be aware of the basics of the gold-selling market. It is in your interest to keep track of the market to understand the factors that influence the fluctuations of gold value. Like other commodities, gold prices also follow the demand and supply game. For example, gold prices increase during festival time and wedding season when there is high demand for yellow metal. Similarly, during financial turbulence and adversities, the prices of gold are likely to fall or remain stagnant. But, one must remember that the decline in gold prices is far less as compared to the price crash of other investments like stocks or bonds.

Where to sell gold for cash near me?

Customers must seek a trusted gold buyer when trying to sell gold. Jewels Planet, is a pioneer in the gold-selling business in Delhi NCR.

But why choose us?

Some sound reasons make us the best place to sell gold when looking for gold buyers near me-

Premium brand name- We are one of the most respected cash for gold business entities in India. Our returning customers and 5-star Google ratings stand testimony to our exemplary services.
Best possible cash against gold- Our modern technology ensures a non-destructive process to assess gold. This way we can ensure the best price for your gold assets even when the gold price fluctuates.
Fair process- We guarantee utmost transparency and no hidden gimmicks to sell your gold. Our professional staff is upbeat to educate sellers about the gold selling process.

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