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Inventory Planning and How Inventory Management Companies Helpful

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In today's real business world, everyone is looking for useful tools to make the planning cycle easier and more convenient. By implementing a profitable system, you can increase the efficiency of the entire procurement, development, and supply process.

Supply chain planning is a huge strategy that guarantees cost savings and efficiency gains. All of these have a direct impact on business success. It is often misunderstood that supply chain management is limited to supply and…



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ENGAGE Crack Only

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About This Software

ENGAGE is a new free to use social education, presentation and corporate training platform that seeks to transform how people share ideas and teach lessons to each other globally by harnessing the power of virtual reality technologies such as the Oculus Rift & HTC Vive.

Engage is a social learning platform where educators will be furnished with the tools they need to enable them to create their own lesson plans and immersive experiences, transforming how educational content is delivered to their students.

Engage also enables people and businesses to connect in a more intimate way by placing you inside the meeting room and allowing users to collaborate using tools such as our interactive white board system. The Engage platform is also Dropbox, Google Docs and OneDrive compatible meaning you can share all your files and media inside a virtual environment. PowerPoints, video files, audio files and spreadsheets have never been easier to share. You can even share YouTube 360 videos and stream your desktop PC.

Engage is a multi-user system allowing up to 40 users into a single private lesson or meeting from any location to experience content in a more enhanced way with our “ Immersive FX “ presenter system. This system allows the host to stream in virtual assets that can be interacted with to make presentations and lessons more fun and intuitive. You can also change the digital environment instantly bringing users on a field trip to exotic locations like our Martian surface environment.

Engage also allows educators and presenters to record their classes and lessons so they can edit them later and publish them on the platform. We call this system “Projected Presence “. Projected Presence allows the presenter or educator to record themselves as they give a lecture or presentation. Projected Presence records their Voice, their Avatar’s movements, and their projected media. Users can then sit down and watch themselves present and if they are happy with the results they can publish their projected presence for the public to enjoy.

Projected presence can also allow you to be in multiple places at once. If you want to provide live talk in more than one room at the same time your avatar can be beamed into multiple rooms to thousands of people giving the illusion that you attended each room personally to talk directly to the users within.

This early preview release of the Engage platform is just a small part of what is to come as we test out some of our network features and streaming capabilities. We are rapidly developing and updating the system over the next few months and want to hear from educational institutes, digital content creators and businesses wanting take the next big leap in digital media and Engage directly with their clients and students.

Please visit for additional features and info. 7ad7b8b382

Genre: Education, Software Training, Utilities
Immersive VR Education Ltd.
Immersive VR Education Ltd.
Release Date: 15 Mar, 2016


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 8
  • Processor: i5
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 970
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 9 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: VR Ready PC


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ENGAGE 0.6 Update:
Hello ENGAGE users!

Today we have an update for you that incorporates several new features and bugfixes.

Here are some highlights:

- New Feature: Desktop Sharing – Share your desktop screen and present documents and content from any application on your desktop to everyone else in the session!

- New Feature: Cloud Files – Within My Media inside ENGAGE or the web application, you can now connect to several cloud providers including OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox to load directly into shared media screens.

- New Feature: Laser Pointer – The host and media assistant now have a laser pointer that can be used to point things out to others at any time. The laser pointer is activated by holding the grip and trigger buttons on either hand in VR.

- New Feature: Advanced tracking – Hips and feet can now be tracked along with the standard hands and head. Just enter ENGAGE with Vive trackers on your feet and/or hips and you will be prompted to calibrate once inside. Advanced tracking is fully compatible with the recording system and all other functions.

- CDN - ENGAGE now uses a worldwide Content Delivery Network to speed up downloading times for all content updates inside the application.

- Improved network - The networking in ENGAGE has been significantly improved in this build with a new dedicated streaming channel to handle all the web and desktop streaming functions. VOIP will no longer be affected by streaming usage.

- Set Seated Position – You can now set / re-center your real-world chair position to anywhere you like on SteamVR and Oculus. A quick link to this function can be found on the menu home page.

- Improved Avatars - All avatars and the avatar IK system have been improved significantly in this build and will continue to improve.

- Live-input Keyboard - All web-based menus and the browser now have a virtual live-input text keyboard to make taking notes, web browsing, and general usage of ENGAGE in VR much easier.

- Several more bugfixes and general improvements have been made in this build. Thank you for the support and feedback!. ENGAGE 0.5.3 Update:
Hi ENGAGE Users,

Today we have released update 0.5.3, which includes the normal fixes and improvements as well as some new features!

- New Feature: My Media – Add your own personal video and web links for quick use inside ENGAGE!

Only Video and Web Links can be added for now from within the ENGAGE Web App or inside ENGAGE with a standard keyboard.

Other update highlights include:

- Updated foot tracking and calibration for use with the new avatar system
- UI / UX improvements
- New location (Ted Talks Stage)
- New avatar outfits for females
- Several bugfixes and optimizations

Thank you as always for your support and feedback!

[email protected]

. ENGAGE Version 1.0.1:
Hello ENGAGE Users,
ENGAGE version 1.0.1 is now available
As always, there are lots of improvements to the UI of the web application and inside ENGAGE, and of course plenty of fixes under the hood.
Some highlights:
- Enhanced tracking for avatars, including better full body tracking as well as normal head and hands tracking.
- Updated video player functions to stabilize 4K videos and ensure a smooth experience.
- Improvements to lesson/experience loading functions on timer-only based lessons.
- Fixed first-person view when looking down at your own avatar.
- Updated web filter to ensure it is not blocking sites that it shouldn’t.
- Increase RSVP limit in events system to 60 for Free and Premium.
- Room limit increased to 50 people at a time for Premium hosts.

Thanks for your feedback!
[email protected]
. Engage Version 0.492 release:
Hi Engage Users!

We just released version Alpha 0.492 which includes many optimizations and bug fixes and some other new changes to watch for:

-The default for all VR users is now full motion tracking. If you are planning on sitting permanently, switch to seated mode in options.

-A new teleporting system that is easier to use and fixes issues with room space teleporting.

-Updated VOIP and network to fix issues with some people not hearing each other and people sometimes being kicked out to the main menu.

Your feedback is appreciated!

[email protected]

. ENGAGE Version 1.0:
ENGAGE Version 1.0 is here!

New Features

• My Face – Now you can upload a photo of your own face and have a 3D face generated automatically with lifelike detail!

• Events & Scheduling – Schedule an Event inside ENGAGE or within the ENGAGE Web App at People can also browse publicly listed events and show interest or indicate they will be attending. Events can be pre-planned in advance using the web application or within the ENGAGE main application.

• Forms – Create quizzes, surveys, feedback forms and more to deliver to users who are attending your room sessions or viewing your recordings and content.

• Premium – For a nominal monthly fee now users can upgrade to Premium/Pro user and get access to extra content and enhanced functionality inside ENGAGE.

• Content Menu – ENGAGE Content is now available in one central place and accessible to the public and to the user or group that created it - Lessons, Experiences, Recordings, Activities and more.

• Oxford Lecture Series - The Oxford Lecture series begins inside the Oxford Bodleian Library with two brand new lessons. Radiology 101, and Exploring Venus!

• Avatars – Major upgrade to the Avatar system with better animation, detail, full body tracking, optimizations, and ability for users to upload their own face.

• More Scenes
1. High-Rise Loft
2. Circular Conference Hall
3. Executive Conference Room
4. Repair Shop
5. Virtual Shop
6. Oxford Bodleian Library

• More IFX – Hundreds of new IFX added!

• Media Volume Control – now the media controlling users can control the volume of videos playing during a session.

• Improved User Interface – ENGAGE screens have been updated to make the user experience more friendly and easier to understand

These new features come with several enhancements and bugfixes to ENGAGE and a lot more to discover once you get inside!

Don’t forget you can create and manage your account and more ENGAGE features including notes, forms, media, and events from right inside the web app. Head over to to see what is possible.

[email protected]

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