English Language Techniques For Students

A good essay in English requires a lot of things but most importantly what is being looked upon when an essay in English is judged is the language of the essay especially if it’s a creative essay. The more creative an essay the greater emphasis is given on the English literary techniques.

You must be wondering what is meant by English techniques? To be precise it’s the style in which the essay is written. Language implies the way we define our thoughts. Based on the kind of essay the language differs. The problem does not arise when we are writing formal essays because mostly in formal essays only the facts are stated but in creative essays the facts are stated along with the emotions attached to it this is where the language techniques play their role.

Types Of Techniques Used In Writing English Essays

• Assonance- This is where a rhythm is created in the sentences by repeating the sounds of the vowels. It’s mostly used to create rhymes.
• Imperative- Imperative sentences are mostly used when the writer wishes to command their readers. Its mostly used in authoritative writing.
• Imagery- This is used to create a picture in the reader’s minds. It helps to add life to your writing.
• Idioms- Sentences that are used to demonstrate a fixed expression in phrases are known as idioms.
• Minor Sentences- Irregular sentences that contain fragments of sentences or comprise of singular words are known as minor sentences.
• Proverb- Proverbs are quite similar to idioms only difference is idioms are seldom used whereas proverbs are used quite often and the meanings are known to almost everyone who are fluent with the language,
• Onomatopoeia- This is a special technique that is used to copy any particular sound of an object to add a little color to the writing.
• Neologism- Words that are spelled in a way that it emphasizes the meaning even if they are not literary correct is known as Neologism. Students can now enroll in write my essay to gather more knowledge on Neologism.
• Personal pronoun- Words such as I, You, We etc that are used to attract a reader and help them personalize with the content are known as personal pronouns.
• Personification- Personification is a method used to personify an object when writing an essay. Students can now get in touch with SourceEssay essay writing help to learn more about the language techniques that will help them write exceptional essays in English.

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