During the winter, people can often experience a massive drop in energy and motivation, find it difficult to stay focused, sometimes feel depressed and hopeless, and even have difficulty in sleeping or waking up. If this sounds familiar, you know this is the winter blues. Symptoms may vary from person to person, they can also vary in severity.

But what causes this? It can be many various reasons, but an increase in sleep hormones like melatonin, a drop in happy hormones like serotonin, and/or a messed up internal clock. These can happen because of a major drop in temperature during the winter.


The good news is, while it can feel absolutely hopeless, you can still find ways to ease it and make it more tolerable during the long months of winter. You can go from keeping active and ensuring you’re out and getting that sunlight during the day. Another great way to combat winter blues is to ensure you’re eating healthy. Even talking to family and close friends is a great way, or even meeting new people through new hobbies.

But often, getting out of the house can be very difficult when you’re experiencing winter blues, so to help ease those symptoms, a great way is to use natural essential oils canada s to enhance your senses. Whether you’re using it with a carrier oil for a massage or even in an air diffuser, essential oils can help kickstart your way out of the winter blues. Here are some essential oils you should try to help combat winter blues.


Tangerine is a citrus essential oil that has a fresh scent that can help spike up energy and mood. Citrus-based essential oils are generally great at clearing your mind and inevitably increasing your energy levels so you’re more motivated to get up and go about your day. The fresh scent reminiscent of a tropical paradise can also help keep your mind away from the winter outside.


Lavender essential oil is one of the most popular oils out there for relaxation. It is said to help ease anxiety, depression, and insomnia - symptoms you may face during the winter blues. The floral scent really helps in easing the mind by elevating your mood and reducing stress. This floral essential oil is also great for other symptoms such as PMS and nausea.


Ylang-ylang is another great floral-based essential oil that helps ease winter blues symptoms. It is known to boost moods, reduce depression, alleviate anxiety, and lowers blood pressure. The scent also has light sedative properties that help lowering heart rates and increase sleep quality. Overall, the ylang-ylang essential oil is a must-try if you’re experiencing winter blues.


Canadian essential oil companies, bergamot is also known to help ease winter blues. The scent really helps lift moods and encourages positive energy. Its refreshing scent helps lighten up any room. Bergamot is highly phototoxic, avoid direct sunlight or tanning beds for 12 to 24 hours if you apply it to your skin.

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