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Posted by Tradeimex on April 10, 2021 at 6:40pm 0 Comments

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EVE online II: With bubbles being added

You are able to AFK, or eve echoes isk in case you become disconnected, phone call, wifi, or even actual life matters suddenly need your attention. They SOLD THIS GAME as a mobile game with the guarantee it could cater to phone users. We did not make this up in our little heads, so they told us flat out,"AFK" was a thing. They even stressed that if you only have a couple of minutes, log on, send your ship a few where to do a fast shipping, log off.

Release: So as soon as the game was released, the following for months went by in a blink! I was hooked! This game was fun, and guess what, you still died in Null sec into a great many things/senariors*.

Update: So the night it was reported that Warp Gates were bugged and you're supposed to be ambushed by players that this entire time, my heart sank. What? You can't AFK travel ? Why? Its a PHONE GAME! (Sure folks do it, but that is not a"Telephone" match or what the devs SOLD us. Overnight players have been vaporized for no reason, even gamers who"WATCHED" their screens couldn't counted the onslaught from an ambush. Additionally what happen to catering to"PHONES" You know, those people call us on? The ones we may have to use abruptly, or lose our connection on from time to time? Or maybe those real life matters you mentioned we can take good care of? What happen to this? So today players should watch their screen for 15-20 minutes doing"Nothing" How does this cater to some phone user who like the devs put it"Might just have a few minutes to play"

EVE online II: With bubbles being added it's so sad to find out what was cool about EVE Echoes be destroyed overnight. Couldn't be more happy, they love to garbage all over new players, and Echoes has been the perfect chance to do so.

Overall its sad to observe Echoes go from"Fun and easy" into"Time consuming, unitractive, hard core gate camping PVP, grind fest" that currently DOES NOT CATER TO PHONE USERS. What's more, the game became less fun. Personally I lost the will to research null sec, no interest at all. And that is even when"I watch my screen" If 30 campers zap me...did that the Devs provide me some sort of counter to this? Nope. So to EVE Echoes Items the devs ill say, go ahead, add your bubbles, let gate camping continue..

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