Experience The Prostitution Revolution In Brothels - Sex Doll Brothels

We've already seen brothels run by love doll lovers in major cities such as Barcelona, ​​Toronto and Turin. Customers can pay about $120 an hour to do whatever they want with one of the AI-Tech Doll. Common sex dolls in a brothel in Barcelona. Going out with her costs 80 euros, these ladies are not very real, but they are really eye-catching. No kidding: Spain's first brothel only has sex dolls!

AI-Tech Doll

It's a prostitution revolution
Each doll is made of special plastic that is soft and easily malleable, and the brothel operators promise: all fantasies come true!

According to the provider, there is nothing wrong with the Futuregirl Doll. Their material consists of "thermoplastic elastomers," which is why the available plastic ladies are particularly flexible and flexible. Exotic, pliable - like her "colleagues", the doll's body is almost indistinguishable from the real one. In addition, according to the internet platform "thelocal.es", the dolls have no less than three body openings and, thanks to their extreme malleability, can assume almost any pose imaginable. It's also fun.

Live experience
Stories of masked men pranking people in the catacombs of the Paris Opera House are popular. During the two-hour performance, the audience is transported into the mysterious world of Phantom. Customers can even ask in advance what they want the doll to wear!

Futuregirl Doll

Operators stress that their offers are not just for fetishes. They claim sex with their love doll is "more enjoyable, exciting and erotic" than sex with a woman who "lives and breathes".

All dolls are well proportioned, and brothel operators also recommend the use of condoms and lubricants for dating Cheap Sex Doll. If the customer decides to buy a doll, he can exit the room with the doll of his choice. Candlelight and great sound create a sizzling vibe - you can also watch porn on the big plasma TV if you want.

Each client is free to use "his" dolls as they please. Here, the doll is wearing a skimpy bikini. Dolls can also be booked by couples and booked for a full night.

No one needs to be afraid of STDs. According to the brothel's website, the sex dolls are "thoroughly disinfected" after each use. However, it does say condoms and lube are recommended.
Do you want to have sex with a very sexy Asian guy? Do you want to make your wish come true with a lifelike love doll? Learn more about this sex doll. Absolutely the perfect candidate. She is admired by many and loved by many men. This infinite fantasy love doll is ready for all fantasies and you can switch between different types at will.
This kid has a healthy tan, a breast-like bust, and a plump lower body! She is a beautiful woman who looks like the final boss of the game. There are few beauties in the world so charming and powerful! The plump big breasts stood up completely just by looking at the plump chest that seemed unable to hide her face! If you invite her to your home, you can hug her however you want, and you can customize her eye color and hairstyle so you can hug your favorite foreign beauties!

Rich facial expressions and countless joints give a dynamic impression. It looks, feels and weighs like a real woman, so you can try your favorite positions and different types of sex, vaginal, facial and oral sex. But that's okay! ! ! Also, you can experience varying degrees of arousal and satisfaction from your usual masturbation. You can enjoy it as much as you want!

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