Expert Tips To Mow Lawns For Best Results

The way you mow your lawn now will have repercussions for years to come. If you want a healthier lawn this year and every year after, implement the professional mowing advice in this post. Grab the opportunity to learn from the blog and improve the condition of your lawns by performing lawn mowing in the following areas:




1.    Only cut off a third of the grass blade at a time.

If you mow your lawn frequently, you may be putting undue strain on it. Only remove a third of the grass blade at a time to reduce the amount of stress you put on your lawn. It will aid in maintaining a robust root system and sturdy grass blades. Cutting a lengthy lawn down to size all at once can cause additional stress that could potentially kill the grass. The lawn's normal growth cycle may be halted, and the grass's tips may burn if you do this.


If your grass is getting too long, try cutting it back by a third every time you mow it for a few weeks. You can resume your regularly scheduled mowing when your lawn has returned to its normal height. Third, mow once a week, preferably in the middle of the day or the evening.


2.    Mow weekly in mid-morning or evening

Around once a week, you'll want to pull out the lawn mower. If possible, schedule your mowing during the middle of the day or later in the evening when temperatures are more bearable. When you do this, your lawn will have time to recuperate after you mow. If you choose to mow during the heat of the day, though, the tops of your grass may brown and dry out as a result of the heat stress. In most cases, your grass can bounce back from this kind of superficial damage, but it can have an impact in the long run.

3.   Study the handbook for your lawn mower.


If you are residing in Coolaroo, make sure before using your lawnmower while performing lawn mowing Coolaroo, to consult the owner's instructions. You may need to clean the air filter, add oil, or put gas in your mower if you're having difficulties getting it started. It's important to remember that you may need to prime the engine of your lawnmower before starting it.

4.    Only cut the grass on a dry day

For the sharpest cut, only mow on dry days. Cutting the grass when it's wet might cause ruts and kill the grass. If the grass is wet enough, your lawnmower will have trouble cutting the blades and may even tear out small patches of grass and soil.

5.   Don't mow new sod for as least a few weeks.

Wait a few weeks before mowing newly laid sod to give the grass a chance to establish its roots. If you trim it too hastily, you could end up harming the root system. To know if your lawn is ready to be mowed, see if you can pull on the grass blades without ripping up sod.

6.   Take extra precautions around damaged vegetation

Wait to mow portions of your lawn that are healing from drought, disease, or insect damage until they begin to grow again. Restart mowing at a higher cutting height than usual. This will give the lawn a chance to recover completely in those spots.


Our team of experts has a better understanding of mowing lawns. We aim to believe that wherever you perform lawn mowing, it should give you better results every time. Whether you want to perform in nearby areas of Melbourn Nothern Suburbs, contact us to get the best possible lawn mowing tips.

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