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Video Measuring Machine

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A Video Measuring Machine (VMM) uses high-resolution video cameras and software to measure and inspect parts with precision. This non-contact method allows for accurate dimensional analysis of intricate and delicate components. VMMs are widely used in quality control processes across various industries, providing reliable measurements and ensuring that products meet strict specifications and… Continue

Facebook Lite: What Is It And How It Works


For many who use Facebook, opening the Facebook app is difficult, especially when our beloved Android smartphone already has one or two years of experience on its back The app gets heavier and bigger every year, which slows down the execution of actions on it, which in turn slows down the whole smartphone (which may suddenly appear old and slow even with just 2 or 3 GB of RAM). Facebook Lite is a lighter version of the app that can be used in the event that you're not able to pay for a smartphone with 6GB RAM or more. In this guide we will guide you through the steps to install facebook lite for pc, how to utilize it, and what the major differences are compared to the classic version (which is also available to install on the same phone, so as to decide the best option depending on the specific situation ).

Before rushing to install this lightweight version of the Facebook app, it is worthwhile to consider the benefits and disadvantages of this method as well, because obviously, having the Lite version of the social network will invariably cause the removal of some functionality.

How do I install Facebook lite for pc

Installing Facebook Lite on our PC is really very simple: we just open the browser on the device, search for the top Facebook Lite, open the tab for the app and click Install.

If we are using the identical Google Account configured on a web browser, simply access the official Facebook Lite page to install it on the device. Are we not in a position to download the most current version via the Play Store? You can download the Facebook Lite APK file from the Play Store and install it on your Android smartphone or tablet. This guide also shows how to install Android apps with APK files, without Google Play. You are able to download the Facebook Lite APK file from APKMirror and APKPure If the official site is not working.

What are the advantages of Facebook Lite?

After installing the application on our Android device, open it and type the same login credentials used for the original app or web site in order to gain access to the bare and basic version of the world's most famous social network in the world.

What if we knew the facts about Facebook Lite compared to the original Facebook application? Below are every benefit we've seen and several websites and reviews on the web provide on Facebook Lite:

It takes up less memory in internal memory: compared to the traditional application, this app takes up only a tiny amount of space, so it can be downloaded on smartphones that have less than 32GB of memory.

Facebook Lite consumes 80% less data than the standard Facebook Lite. This is fantastic news for those who don't have a large data plan but want to save as much money as possible.

It can be used on any type of network It is a great alternative to the traditional Facebook app, which requires a fast 4G or LTE connection to be able to function, Facebook Lite loads news pages, groups, posts, and photos even with a slow connection. Actually it is a great app for 2G networks!

No advertising messages in the videos: if you watch a lot of videos, you'll be happy to know that there's no advertising video or no interruption on the Facebook lite for pc version, thus leaving us full control during all the video or live watching.

Presence of nearly all main Facebook functions In the event that the Lite version isn't available there are still stories, live video and Emojis, just like the traditional version.

Access to Facebook messages: This app lets users to read messages of our friends and not have to download Messenger (another large app). This app lets us uninstall two apps and access all the major Facebook functions.

These benefits may make you want to install the app. However, for complete details, keep following the tutorial. In addition, we will highlight to the flaws and weaknesses which Facebook Lite has.


Facebook Lite could be a really great discovery for everyone Android smartphone owners with some time on their hands. despite the obvious defects it allows users to interact and stay on top of Facebook even when we have poor coverage from the network . If we want to exchange messages on Facebook Messenger without having to download the dedicated (very heavy) application, we can as well add Messenger Lite to Facebook Lite which is described in our tutorial to download Messenger Lite, the lightweight Facebook chat application. Are we inexperienced with Facebook and want to learn all the tricks for the top masters of the social app? Let's find out how to do it through our research on the Facebook application for Android: tricks and guide.

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