Find the Best Alaska Auto Transport Company for Shipping Your Car to or From Alaska

Transporting your automobile to Alaska with Auto Shipping Services is always individualized and hassle-free, whether you select port-to-port or door-to-door, open shipping or enclosed shipment.

Although Alaska is recognized for its untamed beauty and individuality, you don't have to go it alone. Let Car Shipping Services manage your Alaska auto transport to your remote paradise. You know how important it is to work smarter, not harder. Your relocation will be simple thanks to Auto Shipping Company's experience.

How to Transport a car to Alaska?

Shipping your automobile or truck to or from Alaska has always been challenging. However, when moving a car, truck, or specialized vehicle out of or into Alaska, you can be sure that our skilled vehicle shipping team is on your side. Auto Shipping Company has decades of in-house expertise transporting a wide range of vehicles, and Auto Shipping Company only works with the safest and most reputable auto carriers on the road.

Auto Shipping Company is the finest option for automobile pickups and deliveries around Alaska.

What is the cost of shipping an automobile to Alaska?

The price of Alaska car transport services will vary depending on the specifics of your vehicle transportation. These essential Alaska auto transport elements include the overall driving distance of your order, the type and model of your vehicle, the time of year you ship a car, your schedule flexibility, and your option of closed or open car transport services.

What is included in the service fee? (How come it's so expensive?)

Alaska Car Shipping Services is dedicated to making your automobile shipment as simple as possible. Auto Shipping Company's honest and straightforward price includes the cost of transportation from door to door, as well as any import or export taxes and fees. Full coverage insurance is always provided, as is a personal account representative. In addition, the car shipping company's innovative communication system keeps you in the loop around the clock. Because we never hide additional costs behind an incomplete quote, the quoted price of your car transport may look more significant than those provided by competing businesses.

When can I expect my car to be picked up?

You can usually anticipate your vehicle to be picked up within 12-72 hours after placing your purchase. But if you have an urgent requirement, do let us know. Auto Transportation Company is happy to assist.

What is the estimated delivery time for my car?

The Department of Transportation governs overland transportation. A commercial driver travels 500 kilometres every day on average. For open container shipment, cross-country transportation will take 7-10 days. However, because the delivery route contains fewer automobiles, the enclosed load is usually faster, lasting around 5-7 days.

What exactly is enclosed vehicle transportation?

Enclosed trailers provide the best in weather protection. With various trailer types to pick from, Auto Shipping Company gives enclosed shipping to a wide range of car shipments. In addition, every covered car transportation includes the White Glove Service, ensuring your vehicle arrives in the same condition it left.

How to Use Alaska Auto Transport Companies - Best Alaska Car Shipping

There are various alternatives to choose from when it comes to Alaska automobile shipping services, as many people use their vehicles to travel to this area.

Organize your vacation plans in advance: This gives you a good sense of your potential destination so that, when you arrange your Alaska car transport, you may select the starting points for your excursions and the trucks (covered or open-air trailers) and authorized drivers of your choice. If you don't have to, you want to avoid picking up your automobile hundreds of miles from where you want to start your tourist trips.

Ensure that the Alaska-based auto transport firm of your choice offers service there: Well, it's not the planet's edge, but much of the state is far away. Hence, before arranging the rest of your journey, be sure the Alaska auto transport company you are considering employing can offer direct transportation to the city destination of your choice. Online is a beautiful place to start for reviews of the vehicle shipping business you are considering using. Ensure they have the necessary insurance coverage for your shipments at a price within your budget. Also, inquire about seasonal promotions and discounts.

Prepare your car in advance: If you are shipping cars to Alaska during one of the colder months, you may have to drive your automobile through some rather chilly circumstances. If you are going during a time of year when the state experiences frequent snowfall, be sure your car is suitable for shipping through colder areas and ready to drive through lousy weather.

Cheapest Way to Transport a Vehicle to Alaska

Your car shipping to Alaska expenses can be decreased in different ways. The utilisation of terminals is one among them. The carrier will typically have to detour when providing direct service, which means picking up your automobile from your home, which adds time and fuel costs.

However, shipping your car to Alaska will cost less since you won't need to make this additional trip if you drive your automobile to one of our many terminals. Your automobile could be delivered to a suggested spot at a nearby terminal for the best performance.

Use an open trailer if you're trying to save money on transportation. When there are more of these, and they are larger, the shipping cost is reduced.

How do you tell whether a vehicle transport business is legit?

When shipping cars to Alaska, you should be cautious regarding your auto carrier's or broker's validity. Visit the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) website to read the Consumer Warning Concerning Vehicle Transporters.

Moreover, whether you choose an auto carrier or an auto broker, both must be registered with the FMCSA if they operate interstate. As a result, everyone is assigned a six-digit "MC Docket" number. Auto transporters are also with a seven-digit "USDOT" number. You may verify the legitimacy of your transporter or broker by conducting a "carrier search" for their MC Docket number.


When car shipping to Alaska, your vehicle must travel by water and land. Also, you must pick up your car from the Alaskan port rather than having it delivered to your residence. The entire process will be straightforward, from looking into prospective Alaska auto shippers to driving your vehicle away from the port. Then, you must choose a shipping firm, reserve your cargo, complete a few fast preparations for your shipment, and pick up your automobile at the port.

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