Finding The Right Goods In Transit Insurance Is Hugely Important. Here Are Tips From KTL UK.

3 tips for finding the right goods in transit insurance
We have written in the past here at KTL about goods in transit insurance – otherwise known as “GIT insurance” – and the importance it has for protecting shipments that are on the move.
Although it isn’t legally mandatory to arrange goods in transit insurance if you need to have certain items transported from one place to another, there are certain circumstances in which the protection this cover provides is likely to be especially crucial. Many businesses that offer the delivery of products to customers, for example, routinely invest in GIT insurance.
With all that in mind, if you have decided to purchase goods in transit insurance for your shipments, here are some ways to narrow down your options for such a policy.
• Check that the policy covers the goods you will be transporting
It might seem overly obvious to state, but it can be easy to miss details in the terms and conditions of a policy that effectively exclude certain items. So, you will need to pore over that fine print carefully, or ask the insurer directly.
As a general rule, the “typical” goods in transit insurance policy won’t cover dangerous goods, money, livestock, or certain other items that pose a high risk of theft. However, this doesn’t mean that no insurer will cover relatively “unusual” products. So, if this is your requirement, you must clarify and come to an agreement with your chosen insurer on this.
• Double check the terms and conditions for unconventional items
Presuming the GIT insurance policy that you’re considering does cover certain goods that aren’t typical for this type of cover – such as refrigerated items, high-value products, or livestock – you will need to scrutinise the terms applicable to these.
If, for instance, you are arranging for the transportation of humidity or temperature-controlled items, and the control unit fails during the journey – thereby causing spoilage of the goods – will the policy cover you for this?
• Make sure the right type(s) of vehicle are covered
When goods are being transported across national borders, various modes of transportation may be used at different points in the journey, such as by road, air, and sea.
So, if you’re considering a particular policy, you should check whether it covers goods carried by the specific types of freight vehicle that are likely to be used for the given shipment.
Here at KTL, we understand that the task of trying to decide on a goods in transit insurance policy can be intimidating, especially if you haven’t purchased this type of cover in the past. That’s why you might be attracted to the help our own freight insurance services can provide.
We have the expertise and experience to help ensure your shipment is adequately covered – so, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the KTL team for advice.

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