Fixing a Blinking Disposable Vape and Other Problems

Vaping device shop owners who want to order disposable vapes in bulk should only order from authorized disposable vape distributors. Vaping device distributors should also exercise caution and source bulk disposable vapes only from authorized disposable vape wholesalers.
A disposable vape is ready-to-use straight out of the box, not requiring maintenance—but it might still start blinking at times. If your disposable vape is not giving a hard-hit puff after puff as per your expectations, your vape device might need some troubleshooting. Let us find out what to do if your disposable vape starts blinking.
New Disposable Vape Failing to Work
If your brand-new disposable vape fails to work, check its warranty. A disposable vape device sold by an authorized retailer must not have manufacturing defects. But if that’s not the case, and you bought the vaping device from an external retailer (a gas station or convenience store), getting a warranty period service is not easy. Give after-sales service due consideration when buying disposable vapes. If you are a retailer, source bulk disposable vapes only from disposable vape distributors having due service agreements with recognized wholesalers.
Here’s what to do.
Fixing a Failing to Hit Disposable Vape
Make a disposable vape that fails to hit enough better by checking the air intake vent sticker (at the bottom of the device). The sticker safeguards the disposable vape device at the time of shipping. Take off the sticker to use the disposable vape device as usual. If you’ve removed the sticker, puff a bit hard (as its puff sensor might have gotten stuck or less sensitive). If the disposable vape you bought arrived with defects, with no scope of returning it to the retailer or the manufacturer, disassemble it to check for any assembly problems.
The vaping device’s mouthpiece has a fabric pad for condensation soaking. It also has a silicone gasket to control the flow of e-liquid and air. The gasket center hole enables airflow across the vaping device. If these mechanisms are not in alignment, the vaping device might fail to hit. You will need to realign the pad and gasket for a hole created in the center. After replacing the mouthpiece, the vaping device might start hitting as usual.
What Makes the Disposable Vape Blink?
A blinking disposable vape signals a dead (or worn-out) battery. Disposable vapes have puff limiters to control heating intensity. If your vaping device cuts off and begins to blink when you try to have a long puff, puff shorter. If you see a blink in your vape device and it hits too hot, its battery might have worn out.
Fixing a Blinking Disposable Vape
A disposable vape with a dead battery needs device replacement. When unused for a while, the battery ions may redistribute all by themselves (giving the battery some extra voltage). So, you might use the device for more minutes until it blinks again. But the device needs a replacement soon.
Disposable Vape Tastes Burnt
A burnt taste from your disposable vape signals a dry wick. Disposable vapes carry a wick located near the atomizer coil. Saturated with e-liquid, as you vape, the wick gets the e-liquid to move from the wick’s outer side to its inside.
If the amount of e-liquid with the coil is less when you take a puff, it might feel burnt. To fix it, be aware of the number of puffs the device can withstand and its usage longevity. If it is a new device and tastes burnt, it might be low on the e-liquid (replace the device).
If a new disposable vapes filled with e-liquid gives a burnt flavor, you need to lower the vaping frequency. After you puff on the vaping device, you should ideally wait for the redistribution of the e-liquid in the wick for the best flavor with each puff.
A Spitting or Leaking Disposable Vape
While disposable vapes have internal components absorbing condensation to preserve the e-liquid, the e-liquid gets collected in the device or leaks from the mouthpiece as you vape. But the spit or leak from the disposable vape is controllable if you change the vaping manner.
Puff softly from your disposable vape to prevent spits or leaks. Vaping devices can only tolerate low air pressure. A disposable vape cannot handle the same air pressure as a cigarette (to preserve the e-liquid in the wick).
Recharge a Disposable Vape
A disposable vape needs to have a USB port to be rechargeable. A vaping device without a USB port is used only for a limited time. If the device has no e-liquid left and its battery is worn-out, it is time to replace it.
Expanding a Disposable Vape’s Lifespan
A disposable vape has multiple puffs before it runs out of e-liquid or battery power. Still, try these steps to enhance the life of your disposable vape. Shorten your puffs. The ideal length of a puff is presumed to be one second. Puffs longer than one second would reduce the total number of puffs irrespective of what’s written on the package. Avoid chain vaping. Wait for some seconds to allow the vape device to cool down. A hot battery gets drained quickly.
Sourcing and buying disposable vape in bulk requires distributors to source only from those wholesalers who are official brand companies. If you are a consumer, only buy disposable vapes from an offline or online store if the disposable vape distributors or wholesalers have due brand authorization. Vaping device replacements should be quick.

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