Free PS3 Or Wii When Getting a New Mobile?

Yes, it's true. Mobile companies looking to sell their contract mobile phones packages are beginning to offer free incentives on top of the extras that would usually come with a mobile subscription plan i.e. 'Unlimited Free texts'.

Don't worry! The prices of these contracts are, by no means, increased to offer these free gifts. They are offered as a reward to the customer for taking out a new contract plan and also to encourage new Mobilabonnement Familie - Sammenligning 2022 ~ to come off their current PAYG status and to take out a new plan that's tailored to meet their requirements from a phone.

If you're considering signing up to a new mobile plan then there a few things you must ask yourself to ensure you get the right deal for you:

1. Approximately how many texts would I send in a month?
2. How many calls would I make in a month?
3. How much am I currently spending on running my PAYG for these requirements?
4. Can a mobile contract meet my requirements, for a cheaper price?
Please always remember to ask yourself these questions on whether you need to take out a mobile contract first before you begin to think about which free gift you would like to go with it.

If your answer is Yes to question number 4 then it's time to start looking at what free gifts you can get along with your new mobile contract that's tailored to your needs. Different free gifts are available from different network providers, with the most rewarding mobile network being 'Orange'. Although other networks offer very good incentives, Orange always seems to reward their customers that bit extra i.e. O2 will offer a Free Nintendo Wii, whereas Orange would offer a Free Nintendo Wii + Wii Fit for the same price of contract! Getting the drift?

Right, now you've established you can 'benefit from taking out a mobile contract' and the best price plan and free gift provider is from 'Orange', now it's all down to picking a free gift that you would like with your new phone!

Some people decide to choose a free ps3 as their free gift as it's usually the most valuable to sell online and try to pay off most of their contract with it. Whereas others are happy to receive the free gift, use it for them and then pay the agreed contract pricing plan.

When choosing which gift you would like free, you need to ask yourself if you really want the free gift for personal reasons or would you like to sell it and pay off part of your contract? If selling it is your answer, then obviously choose the highest price and easiest to sell free gift, which is usually a free ps3. Or, if it's for personal reasons, a big favourite is usually a free Wii + Wii fit or guitar hero!

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