Gender Physics: Finding Energy Balance in Our Lives

My writing on this topic has led me to develop a new kind of "science" that I call Gender Physics. Like many of the physical sciences,Guest Posting it is predicated on the idea of balance and equilibrium - in this case, the balance between masculine and feminine energy. We all have an abundance of one energy or the other, which is often (but not always) dictated by our actual gender - that is, men will usually have an abundance of masculine energy and women will have more feminine energy. But just as a corporation will benefit from the infusion of feminine energy that women will bring to the table, so too do I believe that individuals will benefit from developing the opposite energy in themselves.

The Two Energies

Masculine energy is action-oriented and forceful. It is a spear that cuts its portion, stakes its claim, and protects its territory. Masculine energy is primarily motivated by external concerns; it emphasizes independence, reinforced by a "can-do" spirit. If properly balanced, masculine energy can be a force for good: the father lovingly providing for his family, the government enacting regulations with a social conscience. In an organizational context, it is the impetus for action, for taking good ideas and seeing them through to completion.

Meanwhile, feminine energy is internally-driven. It is the source of creativity, imagination, and introspection. In contrast to the independent and forceful masculine energy, feminine energy is all about co-existence, cooperation, consensus, and nurturing. Feminine energy can likewise be a force for good in the world, as it resolves conflict and helps people band together in times of need. Its internal focus also provides the creative spark of innovation.

For all the good that these energies may magic witchcraft spells , though, they do more harm than good if taken alone. Excessive masculine energy without the counterbalance of feminine energy leads to mindless, risky action. We'll eat too much, spend too much, or work too much, without the introspective feminine impulse to ask why. Masculine energy also seeks to dominate the outside world; in the absence of the value system provided by feminine energy, this impulse can quickly lead to conflict and war.

An excess of feminine energy can result in co-dependency, as we become devoted to others at the expense of ourselves and follow their opinions without developing our own. This leaves us depleted and unable to make good decisions for ourselves regarding various aspects of our lives. Fear also comes with too much feminine energy, as our focus on cooperation leads us to believe that we need someone else to take care of us. Masculine energy also compliments feminine energy by providing that spark of action and decisiveness; without it, nothing gets done. I've often seen this in charitable organizations that are afraid to make any decisions for fear of offending donors and volunteers.

Finding Balance

The solution, of course, is to be balanced - to use both our masculine and feminine energies. If we are in a balanced state our thoughts, emotions, and actions easily flow back and forth between the two energies; we will be able to use the most appropriate energy for every situation. I call this state "Good Gender Physics," and it's a goal that every individual and organization should strive for. On an individual level, good Gender Physics can have far-reaching benefits. I often use the example of Thomas Edison, who called on innovative feminine energy to conceive of the light bulb, then masculine energy to see his invention through.

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