Getting Started With Cricut Explore Air 2!

How often have you been confused about purchasing the Explore Air 2 but have yet to choose whether it is perfect for you? One of the most common concerns among crafters is to select a device that can ease their projects. Before buying a Cricut machine, there are many factors to consider, like what projects you want to work with, how frequently you will use it, where you want to store it, your budget, and so on. So here in this blog, we will answer all your questions to let you choose a machine that fulfills your requirement.

What is Cricut Explore Air 2?
The machine is an incredible crafting machine for people who love to craft. It has many of the same functions as the Cricut Maker and costs a bit less. It is compatible with only 100 materials, including vinyl, paper, heat transfer vinyl, faux leather, fabric, sticker paper, vellum, and card stock, and is a little more straightforward regarding functionality. This DIY machine can score your project using a nifty score tool and draw or write with markers or pens. It also has one of the best features, “print-then-cut.” With this feature, you can print anything from your printer and then cut it with the help of your cutting machine.

Features of the Cutting Machine
The machine is impressive and performs its work in a pretty well way; it is easy and straightforward to use the device. Following are the features of the machine.

The device does almost the same work that Cricut Maker does and is less costly than the Maker. It can cut designs in any shape pretty well on different materials like paper, vinyl, fabrics, etc., and is an excellent option for creators who like to make their products, such as stickers, cards, paper crafts, and many more.
It is Bluetooth-compatible, which means a cable attachment is not needed.
You can stop or pause the cutting part while it is in the process; it can be very effective if you want to make some changes in the design or check how the machine works.

You can use any shapes, colors, and designs in the machine, which will automatically do the rest of the work. Because of the transparent background of the pngs, the device is the best to use it.

The machine provides cuts, writes, and scores with five different tools, and it can cut, writes, and score over 100 different materials. You will get a flawless cut with any kind of material.

This DIY machine comes with a starter projection in the box, which helps you work efficiently and with much more confidence.

It is small and lightweight, and you can take it with you. And the Bluetooth connectivity features make it even easier to work with.

This device provides compatibility with 100+ materials and 5+ tools compatibility with maximum length and width of the material 12 inches and 24 inches, respectively.

A person can personalize anything and everything you want according to his imagination and creativity.
How Does the Device Work?
The device works quite simply and effortlessly; even if you are a beginner, you can work with the machine quickly.

What does it do? This device does not only do the cutting thing for you; it also does the writing and scoring.
How to complete projects? In Cricut Design Space, there are over 3000 ready-to-make projects; however, you can also import or make your designs in Design Space. And the machine will automatically make precision cuts on your material.
How does the machine connect? To connect to your device, you will need an internet connection. You need to follow the manual to connect to the device, and your device will get connected easily and quickly. And if you want to connect your device to your computer so you can connect it with the help of a connector cable. After your device is connected to the internet, most of the work you will do is from your laptop, smartphone, computer, or tablet.
What can you cut with the help of your DIY machine? It can cut soft and hard materials, and here is an extensive list of items your device can cut, like balsa wood, aluminum metal, foil, paper, cardstock, vinyl, foil, rice paper, cotton fabric, denim, and iron-on.
What can you make? You can make most of the craft items with your cutting machine, including pillow covers, serving trays, reusable stencils, flat flowers, photo magnets, custom necklaces, bags, soy candles, tumblers, and the list goes on.
Overall, the Explore Air 2 is worth buying if you know how to use it. A Cricut is a helpful tool to have your back. Its abilities are ideal for everything, from card-making to designing custom quilts. The more you get familiar with the device, the more you can accomplish with it. However, the Cricut is not a cheap machine; you must also buy its accessories. So, keep it in mind before making your decision to buy it.

Question- Do you need a computer or laptop to use Explore Air 2?
Answer- No! Having a laptop or a computer to access your device is not mandatory, but you should have a laptop, computer, smartphone, or tablet. Cricut machines work with Design Space to draw projects and receive instructions for cutting. Design space instructs the device about with what pressure to cut the material and in what pattern; it also lets you purchase fonts, images, and pre-made projects. Because you need to work with Design Space, you will need an internet connection and some device (laptop, computer, smartphone, or tablet) to access Design Space.

Question- What is the difference between Cricut Explore Air 2 and Cricut Explore 2?
Answer- The Explore Air 2 is more advanced than the Cricut Explore 2. The difference between these is that the Explore Air 2 has Bluetooth connectivity, which is not a feature in the Cricut Explore 2. And the Explore Air 2 has a tool holder that enables you to write, cut, and score simultaneously, and this function isn’t provided in the Cricut Explore 2.

Question- Can the DIY machine cut the fabric?
Answer- Yes!Thedevice can cut fabric material very quickly and perfectly. And not just fabric, your machine is compatible with 100+ materials, so it can cut a huge variety of materials, including soft as well as rigid materials, like balsa wood, aluminum metal, foil, paper, cardstock, vinyl, foil, rice paper, cotton fabric, denim, and iron-on. With the device’s help, you can do your craft work quickly and perfectly with less time consumption.

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