There are fewer tools that are as commonly known as a track pump. This particular tool has been in use for decades and is exceptionally easy to use. A mechanic should always have this tool in their garage. You could never know when a customer will come to you to fix a flat tire.

While avid riders know that they should check the tire pressure before taking out their bike for a ride, some people are not that careful. This leads to bad accidents and flat tires that can easily be avoided. Using this tool is very easy, however, there are some new mechanics who have trouble using the track pump to its full potential.

Here are some tips and a guide that will make it easy for you to use a track pump and do it right.

To Begin With, Get the Right Pump

You need to decide what kind of pump is best for you and the people who will come to you as clients. The pump comes with two different tube valve variants. One is wider and flat on the end while the other is narrower with a locking nut at the top. The best option for you would be to get both of them so that you can fix tires for all of your clients.

Always Prepare the Valve

Before you can use the pump, you need to prepare the valve. You must always start with removing the clastic cap that you will find covering the top of the valve. You might even have to unscrew the locking nut that can be found on top of the valve. The nut will not fall off and it will stay stuck, but it is better to give it a few taps to make sure it doesn’t get off and that it is loose enough to get the air moving.

Know About the Perfect Tire Pressure

You can check the right and exact tire pressure on the sidewall of the tire. You will find a few things written on the tire wall. It will include the pounds per square inch (PSI) range of the tire that it can handle without bursting. Usually, a general tire has a psi range between 80 psi to 130 psi. However, checking and making sure of the correct psi will only help you get the job done quickly and correctly.

Attaching the Pump Correctly Is Very Important

Before you can pump the tire with air, you need to make sure you fit the pup head with the valve properly. You will either have to screw the top properly with the tire valve or you would have to turn the switch up or down to make sure the pump is attached properly before you start pumping air into the tire.
There are a few other things that you need to do. For example, you need to make sure you add the optimal pressure in the tire and always test the bike by moving it around to make sure you didn’t pump too much air into the tire.

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