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Hair loss is serious, if you want to get good hair, you might as well try three tricks

Why do we lose hair 竹因子生髮 more seriously in autumn?

To be precise, autumn hair loss is a normal physiological and psychological phenomenon of enterprises, and it is a kind of seasonal hair loss. In other words, when the fall has passed, the situation of hair loss will improve significantly, and of course this can also vary from person to person.

As the temperature turns cooler, the blood system circulation of the human body is also much slower than before. The nutrition education supply of head hair will naturally receive nutrition of various education levels. Once the student's nutrition cannot keep up, it will easily cause the hair to dry and fall off. So we arrived one autumn, and many people's hair was like "hay", and it didn't look particularly bad.

There is also the problem of damage to the hair follicles. The temperature in summer is too high, and the hair follicles are in an open state under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays and high temperatures. When the temperature drops in autumn, the hair follicles will shrink due to changes in the air, which will inevitably shrink. Therefore, hair loss in autumn has a certain relationship with seasonal changes, and it can't be more normal.

Of course, if you lose hair every season and the number is large, you need to pay attention.

If you want to avoid hair loss, keep these suggestions for yourself

1. Proper maintenance

Some people think that hair loss is caused by the oily quality of the scalp, so we insist on washing our hair every day, thinking that if the company keeps the scalp dry, it can reduce hair loss. This design idea is wrong. Most of the time when it is used, the scalp also has the ability to "self-heal", so there is no need to wash it every day.

For oily skins, you can wash your hair once a day at an interval; for mixed hsl 生髮 skins, wash your hair once every two to three days; as for dry skins, we can wash your hair once every three to five days, depending on the students' preferences. And when people wash their hair, they must choose a natural and healthy shampoo market product to reduce the irritation to the scalp and hair.

2. Reduce the use of electronic products

Indulging in computers or mobile phones for a long time, over time, even the hair began to betray. Many people can ignore the radiation environment of electronic technology products, thinking that as long as we can protect our eyes, we can sit back and relax. But in fact, radiation causes harm everywhere, especially when the brain is in a state of excitement for long-term development.

Regardless of whether it is management staff or cultural entertainment, try to adjust the time as much as possible, and don't over indulge. Every half or a relatively hour, get up and walk around, so that the spirit can relax.

3. Reasonable diet

Unhealthy eating habits may also become the "culprit." In life, we must develop reasonable eating habits, eat more fruits, vegetables, and grains, and take in other ingredients that are beneficial to hair growth, such as black sesame seeds, walnuts, etc. . All hair loss should be prevention.

By the way, a healthy diet also includes staying away from tobacco, alcohol, hot pot, barbecue and so on. It may not be obvious when you are young, but in middle age, the blood vessels of the scalp are constricted particularly severely, and the growth and development of hair are greatly affected.

In addition to the need to control diet, adequate sleep and a good mood are also very important for us. Take a little time every day, do simple exercises, walk for a walk, and take a deep breath. You will find that student life is full of fun everywhere.

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